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Welcome to the wacky world of olo mods.

This is a homage to the Gumball race, Cannonbal run and other wacky race movies.
You got 2 gumball racers, one for day and one neon for the night.
They work on land, water and limited in the air.
Press H for a second to race on water and again to drive back on land.
Drive and hold jump (spacebar) for flying, use the booster E in short bursts for a level flight.

The lights turn off during daylight and turn on when it gets dark.

For the best visual experience, use the extended camera mod and set it to something like shown on the screenshot.

As with all olo mods, you can remove every prop by changing the line OpacityLevel 255 to OpacityLevel 007 or if you want it as a see through, change to 50, 90 or 160.

just look for the prop you want to make disappear
it looks something like that:
HashName exball HashName (if you want to remove the blue balls)
a few lines below you find the line with: OpacityLevel
hint: in some mods are invisilbe props, look for 007 and change to 255.
hint, hint: there is a reason they are hidden!

Requires Menyoo PC

Open the olo... zip and paste the xml file to this directory:
Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/Vehicles
You can do this during game pause (no need to restart)
Open Menyoo
Vehicle Options
Vehicle Spawner
Saved Vehicles
choose your olo
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