Federal Signal EQ2B-Q2B Modification

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!!!! Always make sure you backup your files, I'm not responsible for any corrupt files !!!

-- American Federal Signal Corporation EQ2B-Q2B Siren pack by GravelRoadCop/LEDesigns 12/05/2015


Author's Note ** IMPORTANT ** :

In order to accommodate the sirens for lengthy siren tracks, i had to remove an audio file named 0x17E9AF5D and 0x1AE3EF45 from the sound dictionary to allow the extra space for the EQ2B/Q2B sirens to work. The 0x17E9AF5D is a train track sound, so you hear it play when the train passes you. Unfortunately, if I do not remove it, the sirens will not work as it will exceed the 15.7mb limit imposed. You will have the backup files provided in case you wish to revert to default settings but this will make the sirens mod not to work. You have been advised !!


Features :

- 4 EQ2B tracks to choose, 1 yelp and 3 wail tracks. 1 of the wail tracks is a full wail loop, and the other 2 is a manual coast track.
- 5 Q2B tracks to choose, all of the tracks contains different coast tones, and 1 full screaming wail ( my favorite ! )

I recommend you to use the EQ2B yelp, and select the screaming Q2B wail for a full firefighting response experience ! If you don't like the high pitch wail, choose the manual tones as it will be softer on your ears.


In order to install the sirens, you must proceed to a folder entitled " GO TO THIS FOLDER 1st before installing " Inside it will contains the backup folder and dead air folder. You must install the dead air files in the vehicle folder ( instructions below ) before you install the sirens !!!


Make a new folder somewhere on your desktop, name it anything.

Open 'OpenIV' and go to your GTA V Directory.

In 'OpenIV', go to the 'x64' folder, then audio > sfx > resident.rpf

Inside Resident.rpf should be 16 .awc files. Click edit, Find "Vehicles.awc" and right click it, select " export to openformats" in a folder you created on your desktop.

Navigate to the newly created folder that contains "vehicles" folder and the "vehicles.oac" -- INSTALL THE DEAD AIR FILES, THEN SELECT YOUR DESIRED EQ2B/Q2B TRACKS AND TRANSFER THE CUSTOM TONES INTO THE VEHICLES FOLDER

* note * If you are using other siren mods, it will be fine for as long you transfer the new tones in whatever vehicles folder and vehicles.oac you saved. IT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN AMERICAN SIREN PACK V7 SO USE IT INSTEAD IF YOU WANT TO HAVE MANY OTHER CUSTOM TONES.

Go back to OpenIV, 'x64' folder, then audio > sfx > resident.rpf, CLICK EDIT

Import openformats, navigate to the folder you put the 'vehicles' folder and the 'vehicles.oac' with the new EQ2B/Q2B tones and select the 'Vehicles.oac'

save and you're good to go. Happy Code 3 !


- Federal Signal EQ2B - Edited by -- Gravelroadcop/LEDesigns 2015
- Federal Signal Q2B - Edited by -- Gravelroadcop/LEDesigns 2015
- Federal Signal Corps. - Original Tones
- EQ2B Source - Rafael Fernandez ( Youtube )
- Q2B Source - fmartinjr ( Youtube )
- DaveDoppler for the Usage License

You may use this mod as long as you follow these terms:
• Don't redistribute without my permission.
• Don't edit any file and redistribute it without my permission.
• I am not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC or game directory during a) the installation b) usage or c) removal of this mod. You are responsible for backing up your files!
• If you want to include this mod in a pack, please contact me. Clan and private packs are an exception, as long as they stay 'private'. Correct credits must be given at ALL times.
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