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    Even after reinstall both this mod and nativetrainer, and trying it with 3 other keyboards, i stil cant navigate the menu because the numpad keys dont work, which is sad because id mainly use this mod for abh and hl2 movement.
    This is so far my favorite mod and its main feautre is horribly broken which is great, lovely.

    Zolikam kerlek szepen :)
    Csinald meg hogy müködjön pliz

    Edit: I figured out that numlock has to be on, thank you so much for not provideing instructions.

    8 mai 2024
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    Hi the mod worked fine for me for a few weeks, but this time after I entered the game i couldnt use the menu with the numpad keys, neither can i re-bind the keys to other ones.
    Hopefully this will be fixed.
    Sidenote, im on epic games, not sure if that has to do anything with this.

    Szia Zoli,
    Ha ezt olvasod kerlek szepen csinald mar meg hogy egyszeruen rebindolni lehessen a numpad keyeket, szeretnek ezzel a moddal jatszani, ne legy3l mar egy f@sz.

    8 mai 2024