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    They did not understand me, I have no doubt about trying it, what I mean is that when I downloaded the mod, only the reshade sweet fx files appeared, which are reshade.fx sweet.fx d3d11.dll, but in the sweetfx folder there is everything except the file Of configuration that is the sweetfx_settings.txt and in the rar is not the enb series since in the publication it says that it comes with the mod enb series.

    I am not going to deny it the images show that the game looks realistic and I like how it looks, only that I could not test it just because of the lack of files, if you want to check the file you uploaded and you will see that the main files are missing. but anyway thanks for your contribution to improve our quality of play

    24 mai 2021
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    There are only the files of the sweetfx reshade but not the configuration file (sweetfx_settings.txt) and the configured files of the enb series but from what you see in the images the mod looks very good, is the configuration done with some other graphic integrated (Natural vision evolved, natural vision remastered or realism beyond) or is it only with the vanilla graphics?

    23 mai 2021
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    Well, I installed the mod successfully for version 1868.1 at the first time the game started correctly, but after closing it and opening it again, the game would close on the loading screen, I tried to delete the mods folder and reinstall the package without any other mod and remained the same, do you have any solution?

    16 novembre 2020
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    I want to download this mod but I have version 1868.1 which version of the mod I have to download in order to enjoy it, I would appreciate it if you could reply soon

    3 novembre 2020