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  • Michael2

    I wonder if SilverFinish would be up for making a proper Bullet cam mod. He's done some nice stuff with the Damage effects and this kill cam, a Bullet cam would be the icing on the cake.

    10 septembre 2021
  • Michael2

    The only thing I think that just looks a TINY bit off is that the pores look just a tad too pronounced. I assume that it's the specular mapping that might make them look pronounced, especially with particular shadows being cast across his face. If you were to lighten it a bit, I think it would make it look more realistic.

    28 janvier 2021
  • Michael2

    I haven't been able to get a number of weapon mods to work now. I think GTA have modded it so that guns can't be tampered with.

    14 janvier 2021
  • Michael2

    @sjaak327 Fantastic mod... just 2 small requests. Is it possible to have a blackout option, where it will block all street lamps, building lights but NOT cars as in a proper blackout would blacken the city, but not the cars? Would make it look very atmospheric; and you could keep the other one where everything is blanked out.
    2) When allowing the 'real time duration' option - there seems to be a bug where shadows will freeze for the entire minute and then change instantly after 60 seconds. I don't suppose there's a way to do what the game does where 1 minute of gameplay = 2 seconds, but change the variable so that 1 minute of gameplay = 60 seconds and the shadows move accordingly slow??? Other than that - this mod is bloody fantastic.

    14 janvier 2021
  • Michael2

    @TheRealMud I'd almost say too much saturation almost - yes in some scenes where there are white textures is seems a tad too bright, but I do like the effects he's done with the bloom from the sun. Looks quite realistic. If that could be toned down just a tad, this would be remarkable.

    7 janvier 2021
  • Michael2

    @Alex106 Fun question - does this mod fix the scope disappearing from Michael and Trevor's sniper rifle in various cutscenes??? Love what you've done so far, and especially thank you for your work on bettering the game (despite Rockstar not fixing these things)

    5 juin 2020
  • Michael2

    @Stryfaar Sorry - I was going by the YouTube video that was posted - it advertised that grenades and molotovs explode when shot - but I believe in real life, that wouldn't happen - again without incendiary rounds.

    I've yet to install the mod - work has been CHAOTIC, but I intend to give the game another go this weekend hopefully.

    5 mai 2020
  • Michael2

    @Stryfaar I know it's probably a long shot - but I don't suppose there's any animation to compliment the picking up of guns and throwing them away? Would be awesome to see that interactivity between the player and the weapon.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken - shooting a grenade doesn't make it explode, same with shooting a molotov cocktail (unless you had incendiary rounds).

    4 mai 2020
  • Michael2

    Any chance you can get it to vary the kill cam angle? Think of Max Payne slightly rotating around the body as they go down. That would be epic.

    27 avril 2020
  • Michael2

    Bloody christ... your models look better than the original GTA creators (although the game is 5 years old).
    But having said that - this is the equivalent of Car pornography... it's sexy, and sleek and should be on the front cover of magazines. Are you ever thinking of releasing a full pack of all the cars so we can plenty of these driving the streets of Los Santos?

    3 avril 2020