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    I was support you @jbbunmat since your first release of this mod. I back to play GTA V just chilling and Install this mod back after many years, Still best fully functional bodyguard mod of all Time. all Thanks to you @jbbunmat . You always the best modder of all.

    il y a 11 heures
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    FIX METHOD !!!

    INSTALL REQ !!!!
    1. Scripthook (any newer version)

    2. Scripthookvdotnet (any newer version)

    3. NIBMods Menu and NIBSHDotNet (NIB ScriptHookVDotNet plugin) =

    4. Install Native UI 1.7 =

    STEP BY STEP !!!

    1. After download all requirement as stated install ScriptHookV.dll and dinput8.dll file & all Scripthookvdotnet file in GTA V root folder.

    2. You need OpenIV software to setup and install NIBMods Menu and NIBSHDotNet (NIB ScriptHookVDotNet plugin) .

    3. Extract Native UI 1.7 (as link provide) to folder and RENAME it from NativeUI.dll to NativeUI.ndll, then copy paste to scripts folder.

    4. Lastly donwload this mod, Extract file and RENAME CustomPeds.dll file to CustomPeds.ndll file and copy and paste CustomPeds.ndll, CustomPeds.ini, and the CustomPeds folder to your scripts directory.

    5. Get in game smash the "o" button and enjoy this legendary mod my friend ;)

    il y a 13 heures
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    I really really HOPE this mod is update to support current version of game . So i can fly unlimited with the parachute ;)

    26 février 2022
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    Best animation Mod. But can you make a that we can edit the animation and the hotkey in one .INI file so we can press one button for one any animation that we put in .INI file would be so GREATTT

    18 novembre 2021
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    @Ustaad this is funny mod. But love the idea. Can you make the .ini file where we can put the animation name we desire with the hotkey setting both in ini file will be awesome

    18 novembre 2021
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    @Ironia_Official hello admin, Thank you for this masterpiece mod I very much do enjoy playing with this mod. I have some idea, how about you add a boost when press SHIFT button, it's like a car boost to go faster. It add more speed it would be very awesome. Really appreciate if you can consider it.

    17 novembre 2021
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    @HKH191 to change the key is in data.ini file, right? but why the hotkey is in number key code? but in is in a word? I'm sorry a little bit confused. I want to change all the Numpad hotkey because I don't have Numpad key on my keyboard.

    17 novembre 2021
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    @HKH191 boss, I really want to change the key because my laptop is not a Numpad Keyboard. Can you give me the keycode website boss.

    15 novembre 2021
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    is press Q to also close the Paraglider ?

    14 novembre 2021
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    @jbbunmat sir, i have some good idea for future update :-

    1. Add option for "squad 1" follow & stay with "squad 2" in squad 1 setup .
    2. Add squad can follow & stay with targeted ped .

    Maybe it's hard to make it but this idea just to make it more fun .so far your update was good sir . The Best ;)

    2 septembre 2019