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    @GooD-NTS read last comment pls... i hate microsoft.

    18 octobre 2017
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    windows creators fall update taking a huge c**p in OPENIV... updated windows yesterday and today i'm unable to visualize 3d models in .yft files or even install .oiv packs cause there's no ui...... i hate microsoft...

    18 octobre 2017
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    @GanjaHouse hey! first: this mod is awesome. i have it installed and running along with other 40+ mods (between addons and replaces) including LA ROADS and PROJECT RELOAD texture pack. game runs fine and super beautiful. HOWEVER, your mod, SPECIFICALLY, crashes my game when i try to load any saved game. i spend the last 8h hours trying to figure out what mod was causing the crash and unfortunatelly it was the one i like the most. =( LA Bilboards 3.6. right after i removed the mod i was able to load my saved games.
    i tryed different gameconfig files with no luck. the ONLY thing that fixed the issue was removing your mod. anyone have any ideas??? i run out of brains for today...


    ps: did i mention this is my favorite mod? it is my favorite mod!

    17 octobre 2017