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    I was having the Social Club issue where it tells you that you need to sign in. Even on a fresh install with the Vanilla folder. What I ended up needing to do is uninstall then re-install Social Club. That fixed the issue of not being able to play in Offline Mode.

    However... though I was able to get Offline Mode to work with both my Vanilla and Modded folder, I cannot get it to work with this mod. So after verifying that I *can* indeed start the game if Offline Mode from both folders I can at least narrow down the problem to this mod, or at least this method of bypassing the GTAVLauncher.

    At this point I've given up. I have verified that Offline Mode works and I've previously logged in but for whatever reason this mod breaks that. Hopefully the issue gets sorted out as I'd like to have the ability to prevent updates.

    3 septembre 2018
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    @Dstone85 For the loading screen issue, did you install the mod/script "DLC/Add-On Vehicles Spawn on Traffic" by chance? The mod comes with a INMNativeUI.dll file that would replace the one this mod relies on. I had the loading screen issue when I accidentally overwrote that file but restoring the one from this mod fixed the loading screen problem and it doesn't seem to have messed up the ability to use the other mod/script. It's working now even with 12 add-on cars.

    7 avril 2018