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    I appreciate your effort, but this script is comically broken. Cops pull me over after just receiving a ticket, cops drive around in circles after I pull over until either they're able to get in the right spot or if I position myself perfectly. It's just not quite doing it for me.

    7 janvier 2024
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    Great mod! The XDTrailer part of the accordion bus spawns underneath the road. Please fix!

    20 juin 2021
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    @Slimslugga713 It was weird. I was actually playing with that setting the last time I played GTA V (last weekend) but as I moved that value up higher, the train got slower. Turns out in ENT there's a setting I had switched on called "Traction Control." As soon as I had turned it off the main problem of the trains idling for no reason seemed to go away. The only issue I have now is that they stop in random places that I can only assume are supposed to be stations, but none of the station XML files work when I put them into the AutoLoad folder inside the scripts folder. But that issue is not relevant to this this Overhauled Trains mod.

    27 février 2021
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    I figured out the issue I was having. Apparently Enhanced Native Trainer causes the trains to stop and not move at all. Not sure why... could be a setting in there that needs to be changed. Anyway, this is a fantastic mod and still works even on the latest version of GTA V!

    21 février 2021
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    The trains spawn in without crashing, but only if include the Brown Streak addon in my dlclist.xml file(here: If I don't, the game crashes. The other issue which I can't seem to figure out is the fact that the trains are stopped completely, and in odd places. With lasubway, it just sits maybe 50 ft from one of the station platforms (the one located parallel to the freeway). Any suggestions to fix this? Thanks!

    16 février 2021