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  • 57236d blue back

    @tanisx i am waiting for your answer you can send message on my Facebook and Instagram by clicking on those buttons on my profile of this site

    2 octobre 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @tanisx I know your are learning how to code i read your comment in Pull me over
    So if you dont mind i want to help you may i?

    2 octobre 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @AlexGtaVGamer ok ok i understand
    i will try to make it try to add some new fight styles sure
    thank you for giving this idea

    23 juillet 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @AlexGtaVGamer a can you please explain it in drift what do you want exectly?

    22 juillet 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @ashishcw oh that's great thank you

    8 juillet 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @ashishcw hey what's your email id or can i get something to contect you because i see your all mods and i very much like it but cant play some of them but i like them and if i get chance than i want to play with them
    but first i want to join with someone and want to learn and wants to make a mod in group so if you don have any problem then can i join you ? can we create a group?

    7 juillet 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @ashishcw Thank you Brother but if this mod is working and peoples like this mod so it's only because of you and many others who made this type of mods in past because i try to use that mod but they not working for me so i think why i cant create my own and i create it simply so Thank yo for that

    7 juillet 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    nice idea
    i have some suggestions for you

    you can do some thing like animal ark from where you can buy a pet you can train them can give some food can play with them can love them

    i hope you like this suggestions

    2 juillet 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @beizegum actually brother UFC is my First mod.
    You can read the comment of UFC someone says that it's a copy of fight club so i think that yes i should delete it but some of my friends like you stat liking UFC and as it is my first mod so some kind of my emotions are attached with it so i feel that i should create a new one i don't want to make change in it so i create a new mod based on some suggestions and it's R2F it's my dream to make a mod like this i like action in games so when i was in 11 th i start playing gta v with mods and i want to make a mod like this so there are some feeling behind my mods and this mods are not for you guys i create this mods only for me but my friend forced me to upload them on this site and it's my luck that you guys like this mod

    thank you brother........

    1 juillet 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @YuriDanger Brother you should ask this question here.....

    because i dont know about map editor that much
    and sorry for the late answer

    20 juin 2017