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    @MoYuTWT 这是一个对枪支实行管制的体面国家,所以没必要担心。

    9 janvier 2024
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    @MoYuTWT Are you not the creator?
    If you are not the creator, why are you interjecting into the mod issue?
    If you are an outsider, I don't think you have any evidence to determine that it is a game issue.
    If you are not involved, please don't interrupt.
    You have a lot of nerve to make a threatening statement flirting with war when you are just a puppet of Xi Jinping who is full of contradictions, morally and ethically bankrupt, and a citizen without a single power... you are indeed a crazy Chinese man. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9 janvier 2024
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    @MoYuTWT 中国人依然疯狂。他们的人品和道德是最差的。

    30 décembre 2023
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    @MoYuTWT Chinese people are still crazy. They have the worst character and morals.
    No matter which side is at fault, in the end, your attitude of making unfounded speculations without checking the situation in response to your users' reports of problems is terrible.

    30 décembre 2023
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    @MoYuTWT You said don't change your mod id and lower your rating. So I said I did not change it.
    It is contradictory to say that it is my fault for not changing it while you said not to change it yourself. Do you not remember what you said?

    30 décembre 2023
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    @MoYuTWT If you are the author of a mod, you will usually check how the problem occurred and what the circumstances are, even if only one person is experiencing the problem. After that, I will determine if it is a user problem or a mod problem. What makes you say that I am the only one who has encountered this problem? Some people may have given up using the mod after encountering this glitch, and not everyone who encounters the glitch leaves a comment here.
    I have not changed the ID of my modification.
    Your attitude of making unfounded assumptions without checking the situation in response to a user's report of a problem is disgusting.
    Which is rude?
    Even if the quality of the mod is high, your attitude is garbage and does not deserve recognition either way!

    26 décembre 2023
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    @MoYuTWT We have not changed IDs and all other mods work. Even if only one person is having problems, I would normally check the situation.
    You cannot assume that there is a problem with the game without any kind of judgment.
    Your attitude in replying is dishonest and this rating is appropriate.

    24 décembre 2023
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    When spawned, the car becomes transparent and its contents show through. I have installed all the necessary files, but it is not resolved.

    23 décembre 2023