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    Hello, this model doesn't open the doors, well no doors at all, the character gets in a bit weird since no door animation, please help

    1 juillet 2021
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    Hey the "tyre width and rim radius" options don't work in the front/rear menu, please fix or is just me?

    30 juin 2021
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    @Swed1431 Yeah, I already fixed that issue yesterday but thanks anyways.

    27 juin 2021
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    Hey, I have this installed since a while and I was wondering if this can help me as well with a little issue I have with 2 wheels pack mods I have on, some wheels from one pack might be missing when installing the other one and I was thinking if that has to do with something like this, as well I can find the "ArchiveCount" but don't know which value to put in, plese help!

    25 juin 2021
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    Man I have this mod and the one for R34 downloaded but when installed the exhaust sounds good but I don't have any BOV sound either with the turbo installed or uninstalled, what's wrong?, I have installed it several times and applied it to different models to no avail.

    24 juin 2021