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    Bro in your latest video with dr strange you made me remember why I loved gta5 when I used to play it with the part when you went into first person with that sniper and looked at that big city

    11 décembre 2018
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    Hi again bro,
    So for the forcetype option whenever I press CTRL+E (to change it) it doesn`t effect anything,unless I shift+e a car/ped etc and I can change forcetype then but only for that object.
    For the fighting style it would look way more awesome if you change that fly to target with a teleport to target and kick
    When using the teleport function and going inside a plane/heli/car,you cannot get in driver seat and drive,maybe you can add that option? On some vehicles (like besra,lazer) it teleports to driver seat and let you control

    18 septembre 2018
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    Can you also make the grab ped animation hold it in front of his face or hold it on shoulder? (for peds)

    4 septembre 2018
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    @nm710 ok got back at my laptop and I can give my "review" :p
    As you already know I am like in the first 10 persons that downloaded the mod since its launch :D I am really addicted to it.
    The flight control that I meant was that when you keep holding W and point crosshair upwards(in air) you will go that direction but if you stop holding W and point upwards it will just follow an X axis(you know what I mean)

    For the new fighting mechanics , maybe you can add ironman/superman animation when going to player(it seems more appropiate) and as suggestion make it so if it doesn`t reach target in,lets say,2sec,it will cancel it so it won`t bug and follow "target" around untill it hits it

    The new teleport.. I just cum,no words lol.

    Anything else ? Hope you release this by next weekend or else I will have a loong journey into learning hacking so that I can just hack your PC and download it by myself lol.

    And saw in your video you don`t have thanos and other new scripts from julionib , you can find them here cracked:

    2 septembre 2018
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    @nm710 you are awesome ! I already liked the video though :D I left a comment now
    When will the update be released ?

    2 septembre 2018
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    @MrQuiche thats why you gotta love crackers.
    all scripts here:
    for free

    23 août 2018
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    @nm710 suggestions for bug fixes:
    When you fly and move forward(holding W) you can use mouse to go upwards,but when not holding W , if you look upwards it doesnt matter as it will just go straight , can you make it so it goes to the direction you hold mouse,continusly? like ironman,superman and all others that have flight

    Also can you make it so we can edit the flight speed to a lower value than 250 ? 250 seems to be the cap for minimum.

    Also can you give flight a more realistic feeling? But I guess that will change once that W bug is fixed

    23 août 2018
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    @nm710 when will you launch the new update ? Or atleast a video to show us the new features :p it feels like it been ages since last update :D

    22 août 2018
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    Hey dude send me an email (im the one who gave you superman script source code) so I can give you DBZ mod source code or teach you how to get any source code from any script so you can hurry the fuck up with this mod because i`ve been waiting for it for soooo loong , and maybe you will add a CRASH COLLISION when flying coz I love to hit random buildings when flying and ragdoll to ground lol.

    7 mars 2018
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    You should definetly make this idea a LIVING PROJECT , it will definetly be the best most launched so far

    27 décembre 2017