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    @Sarawit_595 This is just an advice and in no way your obligated to follow through. With the on-going conflict in the real world, this particular mod will cause controversy and spark fire and including angry netizens. Want to save yourself the headache from all that? I would advise you to remove this particular mod and be more aware of the sensitivity of what is going on at this present time between you know who. That is all.

    11 juin 2023
  • Aa7559 tumblr njbu9ptdof1rpwm80o1 250

    Just wanted to say this pack is awesome. I love how very lore friendly it is in that, it uses in-game world vehicles and branding and liveries. My favourite out of any car is the 2012 Vapid Scout Utility. I wish that this pack the 2016 Vapid Scout Utility. In any regard, thanks for making an awesome pack.

    9 septembre 2022