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    I have the latest version of GTA V and everything works well all the time. I greet you, my friend.

    il y a 7 jours
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    Will there also be a gameconfig.xml compatible with World Of Variety?

    Do you need to upload all files? What will happen if we do not win

    update update.rpf x64 levels gta5 scenario


    x64a levels gta5 scenario

    From what I know, such files are also replaced by World Of Variety.

    So we gain more people, but at the expense of less content from World Of Variety?

    What does the taskdata.meta, scenarios.meta, popcycle.dat and navmeshes8.rpf files match for?

    I do not know why you add such folders as Update 1.1 and Update 1.2 or If Using Super Sport DLC in the latest update

    This introduces a bigger mess and bigger confusion in folders and files after downloading the modification.

    Focus on the latest GTA V latest update, new updates will no longer be added to the game so there is no need to focus on the older version.

    If you are issuing an update v1.1 and v1.2 or newer, do not create new separate folders with updates, but always do it as one new whole.

    Btw. The main download button leads to the old version v1.0 instead of the new one. Please correct it so that the main download button = always the latest version.

    It seems to me that one file of popcycle.dat is not something that can be called 100 compatibility with World Of Variety. If I'm wrong, correct me if replacing files does not interfere with the installation and does not reduce World Of Variety in what is very hesitant.

    il y a 8 jours
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    Hello, thank you for modifying. Can I ask you for a movie and instructions on how to own World of Variety and Your Real-Life Vehicular and Pedestrian Densities?

    Btw. Would you create a .OIV version? This would make installation easier and quicker. Regards.

    28 juillet 2018
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    WOW. Thanks!

    27 juillet 2018
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    Hello, can I increase the value of 2.000000 for e.g. 5.000000?

    <PedVarietyMultiplier value="2.000000" />
    <VehicleVarietyMultiplier value="2.000000" />

    What maximum value does GTA V support?

    For example, if I set the value to 5.000000, the FPS and game performance decrease, the graphics card memory will be used more and thanks to that I will have an even greater diversity of vehicles and people with less chance for duplicates on the street?


    I know that I have already asked about it but from what I see the situation has changed and is now a bit different.

    I noticed that World of Variety v4.1.2 install the same scenario files with the same weight as @ Alex106 in their Scenario Groups v1.4.

    Do you still want to use Scenario Groups v1.4, you need to install them separately and separately, and this still does not affect conflict? Is this time Scenario Groups v1.4 included in World of Variety v4.1.2? And if it is not included, can you continue using it without losing other interesting things that introduces World of Variety v4.1.2 with your files?

    Regards. Thank you for a great update!

    Btw. If you still need to use World of Variety separately with Scenario Groups, maybe it is an idea for cooperation so that everything is preserved in one place of modification and installation? :)

    15 juillet 2018
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  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1

    @Killerman293 @Cass

    I think it's a cool idea! ;)

    14 juillet 2018
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    Hello, I like such modifications. Are you willing to contact me for an update proposal? Regards

    13 juillet 2018
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  • Ea72ed eminem   forum 1


    Baka's Weapons Sounds [REMASTERED] v2.2 vs Realistic Weapons Sounds v3.5 ???

    28 juin 2018