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    @jefferymckazz I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the launcher. However, please note that the program never deletes any file, unless if it is explicitely told to by the user. If that's not the case for you, then your scripts and mods were likely moved to your profile's external directory (located inside the "Profiles" directory, next to the launcher's executable). So, if you didn't delete everything related to the launcher in a peak of rage, your files will likely still be there :)

    il y a 1 jour
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    @kennysam21 Thanks for the info ! I'll update it asap

    il y a 1 jour
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    @A1Sl4ter What do you mean by "The launcher won't launch the game" ? Do you mean that, when you click on a profile, the files are moved accordingly but the game is not launched? If so, can you:
    - Tell me which version of the game do you own (Retail, Steam, or Epic)
    - Send me your log file (via It should be named "latest.log" and be placed next to your launcher's executable. If logging is not enabled, you can enable it via the launcher's options menu.

    il y a 1 jour
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    @MrGTAmodsgerman I'm sorry if you find the launcher confusing. I agree it may not be the most intuitive software to use (although I tried to keep it as simple as I could). I need to make a proper tutorial on how to use it someday, I'm sure it'll help a lot of people.

    In the meantime, let me answer your questions one by one:

    - To create a new profile, click on the "+" icon (just like you did), give it a name, then make it active (via a right click on its name). When a profile is active, all non-vanilla files added in the game's folder are considered as part it. Therefore, to add files to the active profile, just mod the game as you would do it normally (of course, without replacing any vanilla file).

    - When you switch profile, all non vanilla files are moved to the previously active profile's external directory. This external directory is located next to the launcher's executable (in the "Profiles" folder). There is no way to change its location (other than to move the actual launcher's exe)

    - When you first start the launcher, and if non vanilla files are present, a profile called "Modded profile" is automatically created and made active (therefore, the extra files are associated with it). If you keep backups of your files inside your game's directory, they will therefore be considered modded files and be moved every time you switch profiles, along with all your other non vanilla files. Again, there is no way to change this behaviour in a "user friendly" way (because, in my opinion, having non vanilla files in your game's directory can be dangerous when playing online). However, if you really want to, you can edit the "GameManifest.xml" file to add your backup files to the list of files ignored by the launcher.

    - Finally, the button you're talking about can be used to reorganise your profiles, by dragging them up or down the list of profiles.

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    il y a 1 jour
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    @MrJJSpazz @ludan02 @5kY1iN3 It looks like the launcher needs to x86 version of the .NET Runtime to work (even though Microsoft doesn't mention that in their popup :/). If you install it, then the launcher should work. I have updated the description accordingly, you can find a direct link to download it there.

    il y a 1 jour
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    The new GTA update added a new, protected file called "uninstall.exe" in your game's directory. Therefore, the launcher will detect your game as modded, and will not be able to switch profiles until I update it to take this new file into account.

    In the meantime, you can fix the issue yourself by adding this line in the `GameManifest.xml` file (it should be next to the launcher's .exe)

    "<GameFile Name="uninstall.exe"/>"

    You should add it before "</List>"

    20 juillet 2021
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    @AlexZ069 In that case, launching PlayGTAV.exe or GTAVLauncher.exe (which is the one my launcher is executing when you start the game), should result in the same thing... What if you try to start GTAVLauncher.exe manually?

    11 juillet 2021
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    @AlexZ069 Strange... What version of GTA V do you have (Steam, retail, or Epic) ?

    10 juillet 2021
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    @5kY1iN3 You can enable logging on the launcher's settings. It will then create a "latest.log" file next to the launcher's exe

    @AlexZ069 After you launch your modded profile, do the modded files appear in your game's directory ?

    3 juillet 2021
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    @fooltrueidiot_yt Indeed. Menyoo usually doesn't work with AsiSupport

    @TG743 Indeed. AsiSupport is an alternative for ScriptHookV, meant to be used in the (relatively) small time frame between a GTA update and the corresponding ScriptHookV update.

    3 juin 2021