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  • Wade

    Nice mod but it would be better if you make more female soldiers in combat uniforms with various faces, equipments etc. So they can be used in your Military Response mod and fight us.

    18 avril 2023
  • Wade

    I don't understand why such mods are not fully censored until they are downloaded or some settings are made in the account. The "Show Adult Content" option doesn't work either. There are many underage people using this site. Also, it's wrong to lead people to sexual things beyond their control. It took days for Ashley to disappear from the homepage, many people like me don't have to see these.

    16 avril 2023
  • Wade

    The mod is beautiful, detailed and realistic. But the restrooms look luxurious, like in houses. A simpler design could have been made.

    18 mars 2023
  • Wade

    Hey, you are making a great contribution to the GTA 5 mod world with your military mods, thanks for that. But I think you need to update your Humvee and Chinook mods. For example, with common models known to everyone, as below. These two vehicles are important vehicles in the US army and I don't think you used their good models.

    12 mars 2023