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    LAYOUT_LOW_RHD worked for me, great model! I wish we could change calipers' colors :)

    9 mai 2023
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    @jazzysoggy12 tried different setups, and it worked only when I deleted LemonUI.SHVDN3 and left LemonUI.SHVDN2 files. + HKHModHelper and all the other neseccery stuff. So yea, works fine now

    30 mars 2023
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    Tried adding addon cars - no luck. The same problem as the guy a bit above. I can see them, choose, but no way to buy it. It seems to refer to Source Code (BACKUP 16.12.22) for some reason. Don't know a thing about the modding but I think it's from the folder of mod creator or Mr. HKH

    29 mars 2023
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    How can I travel from within Multistorey garage between levels? Can only enter the first one (B1)

    22 mars 2023
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    First of all, could not thank you enough for this mod. Not only it diversifies the traffic and colors, it halped me to cofigure handling for my addon cars (sometimes it works if I just enter the GTA car handling's name in the vehicle.meta of the addon). The suspension, the turn angle, steering, overall feeling of the cars is just 100x better.
    But I've noticed some stuff. eg, some super and sports car has vanilla max speed, like emerus, entity xxr, furia, krieger, osiris, trahx, itali gto, itali rsx, jester rr has max speed around 190-200kmh. All stock. Was it my installation fault? I've installed it via OIV, just like normal. After that, there were no mods installed that might affect cars. What do you think?

    6 mars 2023
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    for some reason my rhd addon cars, including this, are bugged after the latest update. I just reinstalled mods folder, and cannot find the reason.. i just cannot get into some rhd cars that worked ok before.. where to dig?

    25 décembre 2022
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    thanks for the car! How do I change colors except 1 and 2? I use menyoo trainer

    13 novembre 2022
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    Thanks man! Absolute great mod! It is just what I was looking for when i searched "free camera")
    But still, if you need feedback, i can tell what i would add to this. I would the add abilty to move camera even in pause mode (essential, imho). Also, i'd add the ability to move cam slower or faster (Ctrl + [move button], and Shift + [move button] for example).

    3 décembre 2016
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    smoking weed and then playing gta, where i also smoke weed. WEEDception

    27 novembre 2016
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    @eltece Any chanse to inject this ENB setting to dx10 game? Ive got laptop with geforce sli, and there was a long story about how i launched gta 5 on this one. But i did. Now i play hq (1920) with high settings (only on dx10, it doesnt run on 11!), exept smaa (but SweetFX does it).
    so i wanted to add your enb (looks perfect btw!) for better reflection and vehicle stuff. Thx!

    12 novembre 2016