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    Gun looks great but I am having an issue with firing it. Fires one bullet (with the slide locked back?) and then the gun won't fire on the second trigger pull, but the slide returns to the normal position. Ammo is always on 0 with this particular gun. I can fire it once more if I set to max ammo, but then goes back to 0. Heavy pistol works fine if I just revert it back to the default heavy pistol model. Any idea why?

    5 septembre 2019
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    Great mission! However, where is the case that is supposedly meant to be stolen? It isn't on the table for me.

    1 septembre 2018
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    Hi, is there any way to make it so that the zombies spawn when a custom map is loaded in? For example, I load the "After Us" map, but then all zombies despawn completely

    4 août 2018