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    12 novembre 2022
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    @SrEnthusiast _ I'm sorry for the very late reply bro. I am still interested with this mod so I'll send you the .fbx file together with the textures. You can change or add anything you want. THanks! :)

    Here's the google link of the 3d model

    12 novembre 2022
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    @SrEnthusiast Wow! I really like this Mod. Para lang akong pumapasada sa Cubao papuntang Rosario. :D
    I am trying to create one yung Patok version naman. I have the "patok" modeled in maya but I'm
    having a hard time looking for a tutorial on how to create a vehicle from scratch and import it in GTA V
    I would love to share the model if anyone is willing to help. Thanks!

    10 juin 2022