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    Does anyone remember how Szabo's Persistance Mod worked? Sadly, it is outdated. There you had the ability to save every vehicle with all mods, extras and licence plate texts to every location with a push of a button. The vehicle respawned to the location everytime you lost or destroyed it. No manual reloading, no manual unlocking doors. Just one car on one location, but forever! Awesome! I can't find a single mod on this site, that does the same. This one comes closest. So please, if you can spare the time and add the ability to save tuned cars with all its extras. And the car respawns to the desired location. That would be so great, thanks! :)

    19 juillet 2017
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    Nice, I was waiting for that. Thank you :) I know it is a lot to ask, but it would be awesome if it also does the little smoke burst every once in a while like in gta 4

    20 janvier 2016
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    Nice work! I really like to add cars to the gane, without changing the style. The original cars are awesome! Do you think it is possible to convert the rusty Virgo from GTA IV with its dirty exhaust and the pop it makes every few gear changes?

    20 septembre 2015