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  • D350e6 chinguy

    Hi, @adopcalipt

    Firstly, I love how this mod still gets updates! Im really happy for it.

    Secondly, there are afew bugs with version V1.2++;
    -Menu and chat flickers. Its like something not letting it to show itself.
    -I dont know if this is a bug or it was on purpose but, lobby never gets fulled. I set the max. cap. to 30 but in the lobby there are like 15ish people only.

    I really like how you tried to do the ui like in GTA:O but its not on the spot. Right direction but not there yet.

    There used to be a mod called "GTA Online/Offline" ( Its unfortunately discontinued. It had its own player lvl ui and all. If you can do something like that that would be great. Like I said, its discontinued, but i can give you the latest version files if you want. But its all up to you.

    Love the new update. Hope you bring new stuff to it! Have a great day, @adopcalipt

    21 juillet 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    ngl miles kinda looks dumb. is it a problem with the model itself or porting it to the game caused that?

    19 juin 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    @RalFingerLP , i couldnt agree more. yes, the mod is great but the tedious install process WILL turn people away from the mod. @frdfare should just do a .oiv package for ease of use.

    13 juin 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    whats the difference between this mod and the other mods? is this just all other mods combined or is there changes to prices, vehicles etc?

    21 janvier 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    @MrFoxsteil are you sure? cuz i was flying just over that military in desert and my jet got shot and exploded and that bug happened again. i do believe i was in the boundaries there.

    20 janvier 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    theres a bug. when player dies out in the sea or up in the sky game crashes. like generally away from any normal "spawn-anble" place whatsoever. maybe a issue with mod not being able to find any place to spawn player at? im using version 1.5 rn maybe its just in this version maybe not idk.

    20 janvier 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    Awesome mod! However, there's a few bugs and feature ideas for the next update (if you're planning to update this mod ofcourse).

    These are the bugs that i came around whilest using the mod in its lates version (1.9.1 at the moment);
    1)Sometimes bots keep shooting corpses of the hostile bots. Aspeacially bots that are in a tank tant to do this more than others.

    2)And bots that we are friends with do jump out when they try to leave the car. Even if the car is stationary, doors break and the bot jumps out of the car.

    --Feature Ideas--
    Here are some ideas for the next update. Would love to see atleast one these things in the game!

    1)Advanced friend bots.
    If we could create our own bot friend and dress em as we like and hang-out with em that would be super cool.

    2)More settings and ommands in the menu.
    I feel like this doesnt needs any explaining. More stuff = More fun.

    3)GTA:Online Like Kill and Death Messages and KillCams
    Messages like "Player A dominated Player B" or "...destroyed Player B". You know, the message we see when we die on our screen and see in killfeed when we kill someone. That would be more realistic. And a killcam would be a nice touch. I know that there are mods for that but they dont work with this mod.

    4)More Toxicity
    Lobby and phone messages from bots would be fun and be more like GTA:Online. In the mod menu we enter our name and they sometimes message using our name. Like, "Do you even try, PlayerName?" or "Is that all, PlayerName?" or things like that.

    I dont demand these things by any means. I know that this is just a small mod. I dont even know will the creator of this mod will see this or care. These are just some of the crazy ideas i got. But if these things were added that would be really nice. Would bump up the game to a new next level.

    2 janvier 2023