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    Thank You Very Much. :thumbsup:

    29 juillet 2018
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    By the by. Is there a way to get her to retract the wings?

    29 juillet 2018
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    Yes, I already had the heap limit adjuster running. Doesn't do a whole lot for props fighting each other over the same memory adresses.. :P

    Tried the following with these results:

    -Forests of San Andreas standalone: no crashing, mem stays at 3277gig, veeeery slowly increasing ,I'm talking kb's a minute here..
    -Forests of San Andreas with extra Zancudo YMAP (just to "see what happens"): No crash. Mem at 3557gig (as expected)
    -Vremastered standalone: No crash. Mem at 3624gig
    -Vrem + Forests of San andreas: Rapidly increasing mem-use. Crash when mem hits 37xxgig
    -VRem with Zancudo bits removed, and Forests of San Andreas: Crash, but only after about 20 minutes and mem also at 37-something gig

    Now for the interesting bit concerning Oxide's Rockford-map:

    -Forests of San Andreas standalone + Oxiderockfordmp.ymap : no crash. Mem stays at 34XXgig
    -Vrem standalone + Oxiderockfordmp.ymap: no crash, despite idiotic amounts of props. Mem stays at 3567 or thereabouts ,but rises.
    -Vrem + Forests of San Andreas, ánd oxiderockfordmp-map: Crash, the móment I sweep cam to Rockford.
    -Vrem with Zancudo bits removed + Forests of San Andreas + oxiderockfordmp : No. Crash.

    Tested last combi with a wild dash on a modded Blazer (Rkrdm's PURE Quad, notorious for triggering crashes befóre the blessing that is CSYON's "Easy Mod Folder") allover the map -usually thé way to make a heavily modded GTA5 gag and give up the ghost- No crash.

    Also tested it with a flying script (Hero mod) Buzzing allover the map, it chugged here+there, as is to expected with so many props, but it kept on running, but still no crashing.

    So it's aso not Oxide's Rockford map that's the culprit.

    Makes One wonder what's so terrible in VRem's Zancudo parts that makes the game gag in -apparently- unrelated places. My hunch is some shared prop-resource, a tree, or even something as unassuming as a little treetrunk.. But then again, I'm no programmer/builder. Heck, I can barely manage a re-skin in FSX :P

    As can be seen in the above, it's a quite specific combination of mods that really bite each other, and makes the game Engine go: "Iz Ded". Ah, well, there's a reason that software-testing takes such a long time compared with developing the base code. And then stíll some combi's can make life hell for developers.

    For now, I got the whole caboose running, be it with a somewhat slimmed-down GTAVRemastered.

    Modding is a delicate balancing-act with GTA5. That much is clear.

    Machine specs: i7 5820, 16gig, 1080GTX, game @ 1440p run from 250gig Samsung Evo.

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    5 avril 2018
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    @JRod Main culprit is indeed GTAVremastered. If I only load the ForestXX.ymaps. Your mod works fine for hours on end. I ran the former (separate ! ) versions together with Vremastered without issue, though.

    GTAVremastered adds a lot of objects allover the map. So. it's bound to conflict somewhere.

    I'm not saying it's Your mod par sé, hence the head scratching, overlapping mods usually cough-up trees in stones, double trees, branches through buildings, and whatnot. But somehow thís particular variation makes the Game-Engine go haywire.

    Without any other YMAPS loaded it works fine afa I can see. Even when I -as a test- added oxide's rockford, and the mirror park 2.YMAP to custom_maps, it still ran fine. So, the separate regions have no issue. My instinct says that there's some overlap between Your map and GTAVremastered (instincts honed by years of mucking-up games with mods.. :P ), which leads to double-loading certain parts. My best guess is the Zancudo parts in GTAVremastered. When using just the camera, You can clearly see the memory use increase significantly when leaving Vinewood towards Sonora. When sweeping over Zancudo river and its delta, the base-thing is: If it ticks 3.8 gig, it usually crashes.

    I'll take out the zancudo parts from Vremasterd and test for a bit. Zancudo river and delta and its direct surroundings have always been a bit iffy when modding it.

    5 avril 2018
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    by the by: New version 1.4 ABSOLUTELY incompatible with GTAV-Vremastered!! Will run for about 10 minutes with a lot of gameconfig tweaking, but will inevitably crash. Strangely enough even when the game takes only 3.4 gig mem.
    it spits-out OOM errors.
    Previous version will run for about 30 to 45 minutes before crashing. Something to keep in mind. Great for screenshots, though.

    5 avril 2018
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    Tried it. Crashed. Hard. OOM. Put older version of map in Custom_maps. Works. No crashes. *scratching head*

    5 avril 2018
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    Get the latest ScripthookV, put it in root directory of GTA5, put no-gtalauncher in the locations the readme states, log-on once via "PlayGtaV.exe" Don't forget to checkmark "remember my name" or whatever it's called, tag both checkmarks!!! Play game. Save. Exit game, return to desktop, use the no-gtav launcher link, and it should now work.

    The thing is, social club ( I HATE it, and all that it stands for, with a vengeance. Evil EVIL piece of DRM) needs to have an already saved/cached username & password for this mod to work.

    Oh, and something to remember: There is a strange incompatability between this mod and "Online Interiors V1" Camera goes all wonky. Remove either one, no-gtavlauncher, or Online Interiors V1, and drunk cam stops.

    Anóther quirk of the GTA5 engine "weirdness is thy name".

    4 avril 2018
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    Only noticed after hours of seeing Mai walk around as a ped.. her standing animation (texting, drinking coffee, whatever) has a very "peculiar" equilibrium.. She sortof hangs backwards, ignoring gravity and center of balance.. very odd sight indeed.. :D

    4 avril 2018
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    Looks amazing! Super detailed. Those textures!!!. However, game -sadly- invariably crashes when running around as Harley for about 20 to 30 minutes, especially when using a motorcycle.

    Smells like iffy mem allocation/leaking in GTA5's engine that cannot really handle increased texture sizes, or scripts, despite it's 64-bit claims. I distinctly remember similar problems with earlier GTA-itterations. Óne file, be it an YTD, an YFD or a simple *.dat of a size the engine didn't expect.. *blammo* crash.. In GTA5's case, the móment it hits 5.xx gig system mem, *poooofff* crash.

    Don't use addon ped, and it wil run for hours. Load addon ped? "You'll have 20 minutes to meltdown" :lol:

    Shame that the engine is so touchy afa scripting and modding goes.

    4 avril 2018
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    It works..sortof. All seems well for the first 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes longer, but the game will inevitably crash when using an addon ped. Harley Quinn Injustice2 by alex189 &spud in this case, but it also invariably happens with other addon-peds, like the Faith variations, and Buffy. Especially when riding a motorcycle.

    Must be some weird bug in the GTA5 engine itself ( iffy garbage collection? Too little mem for resident scripts? Allergy to yft's and yfd's of differing sizes? Was a well-known bug in f.i. Vice city. f.i. Carcols.dat 1 byte off? *CRASH* ) . When driving cars, it can run with an addon-ped for more than an hour. Nick a motorcycle, and *pooof* game crashes. Sometimes even when just starting the bike. Weird.

    Sill great for screenshots, though.

    4 avril 2018