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    You guys need to learn to tag whoever your comment is directed towards. Otherwise they won't be notified of your comment.

    @b1gshmoke5 Some other script is interfering with Pickups. Find and remove the offending script.

    @Droopy20144 Does nobody ever check the .ini file? Why do i even put it there? Gonna start hardcoding everything, I swear...

    @DudeBromate DamageEngine.ini. change the multiplier. If it takes 2 shots, double the multiplier. Simple logic. The damage values were based on PUBG which oddly enough does take 2 headshots with a pistol to kill someone without a helmet.

    Next version will abandon the traditional damage system consisting of a single 'health' value that simply depletes when being hit or shot. Get ready for peds that bleed out, pass out, and actually have organs, arteries, and vital stats like heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Won't be released as Pickups, as I believe it has evolved beyond the original intended scope of Pickups as well as beyond any reasonable extension of that scope, but it will be on 5-mods.

    il y a 7 jours
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    @mkeezay30 Who do I need to talk to about the bullet drop for weapons? I find this feature interesting and would like to know more about its implementation.

    3 juillet 2019
  • C5dd29 face

    @ManoRusso Sounds like you have incompatible mods installed. Without iknowing what other mods you have installed, I can't help.
    I mentioned above that it is best to not install this mod until I release the next update. I'd recommend uninstalling Pickups for now, Clicking "Follow Updates" button at the top of the page, and just wait until I get the next version out.

    3 juillet 2019
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    @ManoRusso Change the settings. I didn't go through the trouble of giving the user a choice just for the user to completely overlook the .ini settings file.

    3 juillet 2019
  • C5dd29 face

    @TheMurderousCricket I honestly never noticed the bike thing. Ill have to check that out some time.

    28 juin 2019
  • C5dd29 face

    @BlitzFromBehind Same way you uninstall any mod that does not contain an uninstall package: Restore from a backup you made before installing.

    27 juin 2019
  • C5dd29 face

    @MARK2580 Let me look into it. I may be able to fix that.

    17 juin 2019
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    @DevilYouKnow01: I understand your frustration with DamageEngine portion of this mod. Unfortunately there were quite a few bugs that made it into the last version. These are being fixed and I am making changes to make DamageEngine more realistic and customizable. It will likely never work alongside "realistic damage" mods, but that is okay as this engine is meant to completely replace them. If you have requests to add features from your favorite damage mod, feel free to make suggestions. I'm always up for making my mods better.

    As for merging conflicting mods: This is a full gunplay overhaul. It wasn't in the past, but is now. This will not change in future versions. I may end up changing the mod name to reflect this. Hell, i may even end up making a whole new mod page. In any case, if you aren't happy with the new direction this mod is going, feel free to install version 2.1.

    14 juin 2019
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    @hydrosphereic1 make sure scripthook is running. No reason it would just stop working

    24 mai 2019
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    @idlehands if you're referring to the Vintage Pistol, the Vintage Pistol and the Pistol do not share ammo, so no ammo should be picked up when walking over the Pistol. It sounds like your files have been modified improperly or you have installed another mod over Pickups that modifies game files that Pickups requires.

    21 mai 2019