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    @JuliusFalck Have you used recoil mods such as the ballistics one?

    31 mai 2021
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    I have been trying to get this mod to work, so here were the steps i tried to do here:

    I used the latest Script stuff like dot net and alexanders
    NativeUI was installed, latest version.
    I have put the ASI document into the main GTA Dir and putted the other three into my scripts folder.
    Did the DLCList and stuff. Renamed it to "Dismemberment".

    Now it just pops up "Unhanded Exception in Dismemberment.Main" and the line 32 part thingy.
    Keep in mind I run the Epic Games version.
    also keep in mind that only the body shots work (cutting the body in half) and when I try to do a arm/leg/head shot, it will say that error.

    31 mai 2021