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    For some reason the game solely doesn't load my mpclothes dlcpack all of a sudden (all other dlcpacks work fine, but the game doesn't load the two mpclothes and mpgoldiemods). Any thoughts?

    20 mai 2022
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    Good mod. However I do have these in-game filters constantly being applied on the screen and the tone look really weird (which could be disabled if I reset the filter via Enhanced NT or set timecycle to 0.00 via Menyoo). Is there any way around it? Thanks a ton!

    9 mars 2022
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    hi great mod! just wondering why the landing gears are locked and when i apply throttle the wheels are simply doing a skid on the tarmac...

    10 août 2021
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    @Pallas Great work! BTW how do you mix faces? What trainer/skin editor do you use to achieve that... would love to know!

    28 avril 2021
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    @Carrythxd If I'd take a guess, the .oiv installation procedure seems to be the issue here. I highly suspect it's due to conflicts within the dlclist.xml in the update.rpf directory sparred by multiple .oiv packs being integrated into the game. A temporary fix might be to offer a manual installation before you guys figure out what's wrong with the pack.
    Nevertheless, the update is straight FIRE! Love the new rides.
    My experience is that when I only install one pack (whether it's Required, Optional or Scenarios) out of the trio the game loads and works fine. But whenever I attempt to install one pack after the initial one (the order of the DLC packs does not matter) it seems to mess up the dlclist.xml by removing a couple of lines (it does not remove the entire DLC entries but only leaves lines to start with incomplete wordings), rendering the .xml unprocessable by the game, thus causing the game to break upon launch. Manually editing the dlclist.xml via Notepad and using F7YO's gameconfig after installation also did NOT work for me though.
    The most common error that occured during my trial and error period were ERR_FIL_PACK_3 and "Unable to launch game". Vehicle modding isn't my category just yet so I'd just offer my speculations and maybe an angle u guys can work on. Appreciate y'all hard work!

    6 février 2021
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    str8 fire bro!!! mind if i ask u got mp versions of these?

    4 décembre 2020
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    ay love your work man but why do i get a white line on the back of my foams

    10 juillet 2020
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    how nice work!!! btw how do u convert franklin's shoes to mp female like u did in the pics? thx!!!!!!

    12 février 2019
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    @officialjdixon @Juiceboxx hey guuuuuys just wondering how did u get franklin's sneakers to work on mp female...when i replace the kicks files my mp character's top starts to glitch like hell:( thx!!

    12 février 2019
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    @serskyamn hey man could u release the pants (hotpants+swimsuit)?? thx!!

    4 février 2019