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    @danistheman262 Nice mod man. Althought when i have as "true" the ShowBlips options i cannot see in the map most of the other vanillas blips, like properties etc. So i use it without knowing where are in the map :P
    I dont know what could cause that issue.

    30 janvier 2021
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    @Cloud_Power nice mod man. Athought i think fire dmg and gas grenades are depending by writhe and now they dont kill/dmg peds.

    28 janvier 2021
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    Is there any option to deactivate the kill multiplier? Thank you

    28 janvier 2021
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    Nice mod. Works great. Two questions: - - - there are 2 files there. Are 2 different versions of the mod or something?
    -is there any mod adding the dmg numbers on the peds, as well? Im tweaking some things and knowing health and dmg anytime i shoot would be a good start.
    Thank you

    28 janvier 2021
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    does anyone knows why the animations for the peds are not working if they hold a wpn (cops etc)? Thanks

    27 janvier 2021
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    @SH42913 hey man i know the mods are outdated but why the animations for the peds are not working if they hold a weapon(so are not working for police,army etc)? i realy enjoy gsw1 and gsw2 and ive spent dozens of hours trying to modify them according my gamestyle and my taste. Is there any way to fix that part or to copy-paste any other animations in the config file to make them work?
    Thank you for your work and i would be greatful for an answer .

    26 janvier 2021
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    Also "npchealth" changes the health to that value no matter what is in ur config file. Ive tested multiple values, like much higher ped health, deactivating DyingThreshold, lower the wpn dmg, raising the knock down chances and other things. Peds actually had so many health which i was shooting them for a minute to test the phases. No matter what i did, the dyingmovement 1 or 2 doesnt seem to work at all.

    23 janvier 2021
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    @wantyourntuslicked yeah i iunderstand what u mean. i will post some things from the ini file of the mod:
    -;NPCHealth is the standard health for an NPC
    NPCHealth = 260
    (so i guess the mod changes the npc health to make the mod work properly. That should change vanilla health value i guess)
    -;KnockbackThreshold is the health threshold under which an NPC can be knocked down
    KnockbackThreshold = 240
    (so i guees under 240 health, there are chances to knocked them down when you shot them)
    -;DyingMovementThreshold2 is the health threshold under which NPCs wont be able to get back up again when knocked down (still moving on the ground, less agile than the first threshold)
    DyingMovementThreshold2 = 145
    (thats the second phase of Threshold and i understand that if the ped has 145 health or less, if you knock them down they shouldnt be able to stand up. Instead they crawl, -moving in the ground- as it says )

    Thats why i say they should be laying down and crawiling below some health and thats why DyingMovementThreshold1 and 2 must not be working at all.
    I dont know if i understood it wrong, but the description there, saying smt else than just be knocked and standing up again all the time, or just lay in the floor still with their eyes opened when their health is extremely low.

    23 janvier 2021
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    well sorry i posted the previous msg twice and i cannot delete the first of them :P

    22 janvier 2021
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    @wantyourntuslicked thank you for your reply man.
    As i read for the mod in general, the mod should works as:
    - peds below some health have chances to be knocked down,
    -below some health (if they knocked down) they cannot go up and crawling- shooting (stage 1 and 2) and
    -below some health are down totaly still begging for life (DyingThreshold).
    As im testing it in game, the only difference the mod does for me, is that peds just go in DyingThreshold state when they have around 60 health. They still can stand up if they knocked down till then. Did i understand smt wrong? I dont think is the way the mod should work at least from the description and the ini file in there.
    Sorry for my English is not my native language.

    22 janvier 2021