Visual Settings + Timecycle Reloader 0.6 [BETA]

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This ASI plugin allows you to reload visualsettings.dat, watertune.xml, clouds.xml, cloudkeyframes.xml, vfxlightningsettings.xml, lensflare_m/f/t.xml, weather.xml and weather timecycles at run-time. My intention is to help developers who make graphic mods. Replacing/editing the file using OpenIV and restarting the game is no longer necessary.

This might not work for old game versions and I'm working on adding support for more files, that's why I labeled it as BETA.

  • Script Hook V
  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 x64

  • Installation
    Simply drop VisualSettingsReloader.asi and the VisualSettingsReloader folder into your Grand Theft Auto V main directory.

    Simply drop the supported files you'd like to use into the VisualSettingsReloader folder (timecycle files go into VisualSettingsReloader\timecycle; currently you must have w_extrasunny.xml in the folder for it to work), edit them to your liking and hit F10 (editable in the .ini file) while in-game to reload.

    0.6 [BETA]
  • Added support for lensflare_m/f/t.xml (make sure you have all three in the VSReloader folder)

  • 0.5 [BETA]
  • Added support for cloudkeyframes.xml
  • Fixed crashing when reloading plugins with ScriptHookV
  • Various optimizations

  • 0.4 [BETA]
  • Added support for weather.xml

  • 0.3 [BETA]
  • Added support for weather timecycles
  • Added support for vfxlightningsettings.xml

  • 0.2 [BETA]
  • Added support for watertune.xml and clouds.xml

  • 0.1 [BETA]
  • Initial release

  • Known issues does not get detected properly for some reason.

    Please report any issues in the comments.
    Be sure to always provide the VisualSettingsReloader.log contents when you do.
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