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-did you ever felt like the addons cars installation was too long? and sometimes becomes boring since you are doing the same thing for a long time? or it takes forever if you want to install a lot of cars at once? from extracting, navigating, copying, pasting..or searching and searching to find the path where you should replace a vehicle? thats what i felt.


_Add-ons installation:
-so i decided to share with you guys a programme that i coded with C++ with a simple interface that helps you to install your addon cars or vehicles in general really fast , it does 90% of the job for you , and you can skip the authors cars README! so you dont have to read all the the readme which can be sometimes very long and complicated to inderstand.
You can even skip the readme to get the car spawn name, to do so i recommend to use the MENYOO trainer ,it searches automaticlly for added cars.

_replace installation:
-and an easy vehicles replacement method so you dont have to search very long for the path where you should replace the vehicle, because sometimes you get confused wether the vehicle files goes to the dlcpack or to the x64e and sometimes your tuning doesnt work since you put it in the wrong folder, so you become despret and use the openiv search fonction witch take a while and give you a lot of paths you dont know what to do with.

-Please Note that cars readme can be sometimes very important if you have problems like sound or textures, so consider checking them out when you get any problem when using the car for both addon and replace.

- the good news is that you will get rid of the cars spawning problem with this mod and avoid searching very long to find the replacement path, unless there is a mistake in the authors car.

-i tried my best to write a good and easy installation instructions of this mod detailed with pictures.

Version 1.0:
•Initial Release.

Version 2.0:
• now you dont have to rename or split your hard-drive.

• removed the extratitleupdate.meta wich have no use in cars (a myth) means faster installation (thanx to MrGTAmodsgerman for giving me the idea)

•the programme has an icone.

•new friendly interface .

Version 3.0:
•alot of addons programme improvements.

•support for replace vehicles.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x64 Redistributable
(if you cant install it just try older versions)
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