Working Juggernaut Suit 1.2(Animations + Weapons Patch Fix)


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This simple mod allows any off the three protagonists to use the Juggernaut Suit from the Adversary mode, in GTA Online

to get one, you need to purchase one from your phone a contact named, Juggernaut suit will be added to your contacts, call it, and you can purchase one for $500,000 and a colour of your choice, short time later, a crate will drop from the sky, simply walk up to the crate to equip the suit, once wearing the suit, the player will have dramatically increased health. the Suit can be taken off by dialling the contact again, and choosing remove suit, if the player dies or if the user force switches characters

Install Drop
the inclued dll and ini into scripts
and Ifruitaddon2

download and install

This mod requires Doomsday Heist Update!

initial Release
Added Juggernaut Animations
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 2.0 (LemonUI Update)

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12 septembre 2021

 1.2(Animations + Weapons Patch Fix) (current)

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27 mai 2019

 1.1 (Animations fix)

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23 mai 2019


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