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Force Unlimited has been released!

It's basically Super Punch and The Unstoppable Force combined with extra features and a better menu. While you are more than welcome to download this version I won't be updating Super Punch anymore so it may not work. You can download Force Unlimited here:


Version 1.0 is finally complete!

    Install instructions are below. Please read them thoroughly and pay close attention to the directions. The mod may not work if you are missing something or skip a step.

      ==========[ Description ]==========
        Super Punch adds gratuitous force to all melee attacks with the option to increase or decrease the gratuitousness of the force. Send people and cars flying!

        ==========[ NOT FOR GTAO ]==========
          Using certain mods in GTA Online could net you a ban, so don't do it! Keep mods like this in single player only.

          ==========[ Mod Features ]==========
            • Increased force on all unarmed and armed melee attacks.
            • Mod menu for easy toggling of features and adjusting values.
            • Send people and cars flying!
            • PHYSICS! :D

              ACTIVATE HULK MODE!

                Mod Menu (on the numpad):
                • Toggle menu: " . "
                • Move up: " 8 "
                • Move down: " 2 "
                • Select: " 5 "
                • Return to main menu: " 4 "
                • Close: " 0 "

                Hotkey for ability:
                • Emergency brake: " E "

                Running is the same as my Unstoppable Force mod, it works like drifting a car. Force is applied in the direction you are looking, tap the ebrake to slow down and regain control. Works in air too. You can modify how much stopping force the brake has by changing the variable "E.Brake Mod". Higher values = less force (10 being almost nothing), lower values = more force (1 is instant stop).

                ==========[ Changelog ]==========

                In the interest of space I'm omitting everything prior to 0.7.

                ====[ 1.0 ]
                • Added Mod menus
                • Added option to toggle abilities
                • Added new features Fast Run, Super Jump, God Mode and an E.Brake
                • God Mode works independent of the mod being toggled on. Good for a quick invincibility.
                • NEW variable "E.Brake Mod" that increases or decreases the e.brake force. Higher values = less force (10 being almost nothing), lower values = more force (1 is instant stop)
                • NEW variable "Jump Force", increase to go higher, decrease to go lower
                • NEW variable "Impact Force", increase to apply more force with melee, decrease to apply less
                • NEW variable "Run Speed Mod", increase to run faster, decrease to run slower
                • Small fixes here and there to improve responsiveness
                • Fixed a bunch of other stuff :P

                ====[ 0.91 ]
                • Uploaded .cs version of script, should fix many instances of the mod not working
                • Physics should now work 100% of the time :O
                • Force adjustments now alter force properly
                • Improved synchronization of PED and vehicle forces, they will now travel relative distances rather than absurd distances :P
                ====[ 0.9 ]
                • Upgraded to .NET Scripthook :D
                • Brought vehicle and ped forces closer together... sort of... cars just like to go fast lol
                • Improved responsiveness of script
                • Greatly increased memory efficiency from the LUA version
                • Peds now fly slightly upwards when hit and travel farther
                • Force adjustment now functions correctly, but at high values the mod stops working. It has to do with how force is calculated, just bring it back down and the mod will work again
                • Improved text display methods and positioning
                • Fixed mod toggle not working correctly
                • Fixed a bunch of minor issues related to the script itself
                ====[ 0.7 ]
                • Memory problems have finally been fixed, no more crashing :D
                • Now works on all custom PEDs
                • Improved physics application slightly
                • Fixed mod toggle not working
                • Improved responsiveness of script

                  ==========[ Install Instructions ]==========

                    Read this section thoroughly. If you miss something the mod may not work.

                    Read this section thoroughly. If you miss something the mod may not work. Do not skip over anything.

                      Super Punch uses the Community Script Hook V .NET by Crosire. Download it from here:
                      Community Script Hook V .NET v1.0

                        If you've never set up the .NET scripthook before check out Crosire's post on GTA Forums:
                        How to install the Community Script Hook V .NET

                          You will also need the original scripthook to run the .net one. Download that if you haven't already here (It comes with NativeTrainer, that is optional. You don't need it for my mod to work):
                          Script Hook V + Native Trainer v1.0.372.2

                            Once you have installed BOTH scripthooks successfully, copy Super Punch.cs to the scripts folder in your GTA V directory. For example, if you have steam it could be something like:

                            C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\

                                Note: If the scripts folder does not exist after you've installed both scripthooks, you can manually create it. Right click in your GTA V directory, select new folder, name it scripts.

                                That's it, you're done :D The only thing left to do now is FALCON SMASH HULK PUNCH!

                                ==========[ Credits ]==========

                                Mod by Shenaniganizer.


                                  You are allowed, encouraged even, to make videos of my mods. I always enjoy seeing what all of you can do with them, plus it's great entertainment. Throw my name and link in there somewhere and I'm happy :D

                                  I'm constantly thinking up fun and goofy mod ideas, all feedback helps me improve these mods. Let me know what is/isn't working or what could be done differently and I'll see what I can do!

                                  If you enjoy my mods and have lots of fun, consider supporting me using the donate button. Clicking the occasional ad in one of my videos is great too, every little bit helps :D

                                  Check out my YouTube channel for random GTA stuff and mod videos: GTA Shenaniganizer
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