SloMo - Slow Motion toggle for controllers [.NET/LUA + Source] 2.1

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Now rewritten for ScriptHookVDotNet!
Old version works with LUA 10 and 10.1

Toggle on/off:
LT + Dpad Down

1.0 - SloMo set to 50% speed (modifiable through notepad)

1.1 - added alternate SloMoBT - toggle mod on to have bullet time ONLY when aiming with LT (or LB in cars) (set to 25% speed, modifiable) tip: When aiming (LT) with bullet time on, press R3 / RS to leave bullet time on without having to aim.

2.0 - Rewritten in C#, for those that use controllers and have problems using LUA. Now has a slower game speed while in vehicles!

2.1 - The C# / ScriptHookV.NET versions should now work with all third-party gamepads. Also fixed stupid issue with SloMoBT.

This mod reduces the game speed when toggled on, but you can set it to whatever you like by opening the .cs file with notepad and changing the number in the indicated lines.

SloMo.cs is a simple toggle. Press LT + DPAD Down and time will slow down.
SloMoBT.cs will only slow down time when aiming (on foot or in a vehicle). Press LT + DPAD Down to enable the mod first.


How to install
Put SloMo.cs or SloMoBT.cs in %INSTALLDIRECTORY%/scripts/

Source code
Source is available in C# and LUA.
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