CarHud and HeliHUD Modified [.LUA] 5.0

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This is a port of the (commonly known and referred to as "DoJ styled/themed") car/vehicle HUD from from FiveM to GTA Singleplayer using JM36 Lua Plugin.

Forked GitHub repo:

- JM36 Lua Plugin

1: Ensure you have JM36 Lua Plugin (GitHub | 5Mods)
2: Put vehhud.lua into your JM36 Lua Plugin "Modules" folder (located within it's "ScriptsDir-Lua" scripts directory).

FiveM specific things do not work nor function and have either been disabled/removed or hard-coded to always be a static value, such as what gear your vehicle is in.

Credits & Permission:
Refer to the top of the Lua script where all the authors and permission grants are, and/or the original GitHub repo that this variant was forked from.

- Release5 - Revise/Minimize internal header check, Declare "Speed" variable as local since it apparently was a global and may have only been written to in certain scenarios, Change default from kmh to mph because America, Improved gear logic to show D for driving and P for stopped/parked and R for reversing, rather than what it was before being stuck at gear 1 and all.
- Release4 - Switched to JM36 Lua Plugin threads (similar to FiveM threads) and use JM36 Lua Plugin framework for getting the player ped instead of game natives.
- Release3 - BugFix: Invalid/Missing rage native function call param
- Release2 - BugFix: "K" SeatBelt
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