Realistic Driving Gamepad and Keyboard Hotkeys 1.10

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This mod adds controller functionality and extra keyboard hotkeys to skyrayfox's Realistic Driving Mod. (not required).


This mod gives you complete control over your vehicle allowing you to leave vehicle with engine on, turn engine on and off when still in vehicle, open individual doors, toggle indicators, interior lights, instant repair vehicle, open windows etc.
I'm aiming to add a couple of extra hotkeys for the keyboard instead of selecting options in the menu and combining it with gamepad fucntionality (as well as a few other planned features) for indicators, interior lights, engine on and off and window open/closing. This mod even allows you to autodrive to waypoint!


  • Leave vehicle with engine on (quick tap button)
  • Toggle engine on/off when in vehicle
  • Toggle interior light
  • Open individual doors (incl. Hood and trunk)
  • Toggle indicators
  • Instant repair vehicle
  • Toggle hazard lights
  • Toggle permanent brake lights
  • Auto drive to waypoint
  • Auto cruise
  • Clean vehicle
  • Fix tyres
  • Turn off all lights
  • Skip to next song on radio
  • Police siren blip


  • Indicators auto off upon completing turn
  • Improved gamepad fucntionality
  • More keyboard hotkeys
  • More fixed notifications

    --CHANGELOG 1.10.

    Removed out of vehicle/out of context notifications for:

    --Interior Lights
    --Opening Doors
    --Closing Doors
    --Opening Windows
    --Closing Windows
    --Brake Lights


    -Notifications popping up outside of vehicle and out of context (already fixed, updating tomorrow) -- FIXED WITH LATEST UPDATE 1.10

    -Key bindings for gamepads being different for some people (Keyboard works fine)

    I recommend in settings to TURN ON ALTERNATE HANDBRAKE FOR GAMEPAD (A), otherwise your engine will turn off if you handbrake

    You will need to have ScripthookV

    and the Lua plugin for Scripthook V

    installed for this to work.

    1. Copy the contents of scripts\addins to Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins
    2.Copy the contents of scripts\libs to Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\libs

    There are many more advanced controls in a text document but here's the basics .



    F3 - toggle menu

    Ctrl+A/D - for left/right indicators

    Ctrl+X - toggle engine

    Ctrl+C - toggle interior light

    + - skips to next song

    B - Fixes Car ---(forgot to include in controls text document)---

    Ctrl+C - toggle interior light ---(forgot to include in controls text document)---

    Ctrl+H - Tap H to open windows, short hold to close


    RB/LB - for left/right indicators

    A - toggles interior light

    RB - short hold to toggle engine on/off

    D-Pad Right - tap to open windows and short hold to close

    Hold D-Pad Left + Click R3 - to skip to next song
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