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NPCs have had enough of you killing them, now it's THEIR turn to provoke and kill you. They want you DEAD!

Place RandomAttackings.dll and RandomAttackings.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

J - Toggle Attackings
K - Manually Trigger/Create Random Attack (Needs "CanTriggerManually" to be set to true in .ini file)

The controls can be edited via the .ini file.

The mod uses a random timer and random chance to make the attacks very random, by default every 5-10 minutes, an event could/should happen. After the timer is over, it uses the 1/5 chance and if it gets it, it does the event, if not, it restarts the timer.

randTimerMin - In milliseconds that defines the minimum value for the random timer, by default it's 5 minutes.

randTimerMax - In milliseconds that defines the maximum value for the random timer, by default it's 15 minutes.

randChanceMin - Minimum value for the random chance of the attack to happen if the timer is up.

randChanceMax - Maximum value for the random chance of the attack to happen if the timer is up.

BlipShown - True/False for if the assassin or attacker will have a blip on the minimap, recommended false for more immersion and surprise.

CanTriggerManually - True/False for if the user can trigger random attacks manually instead of waiting. If true, "Trigger" key can be used to create a random attack.

Types of Attacks
Assassin - Paid and armed, a mask wielding stranger with outstanding marksmanship will attempt to assassinate you.

Madrazo's Henchmen - You are still exiled in Madrazo's book. 4 loyal henchmen will be sent via SUV with pistols and will attempt to drive by, chase you, by any means necessary!

Racist Rednecks - These hillbillies don't want you in their country. 'Murica! These rednecks are armed with sawn off shotguns and will come in threes with their ATVs.

ZiPPO RAID - Oh shit, it's ZiPPO motherfucking RAID! He is armed and dangerous in a Duke O' Death. His presence will make the city blackout and start thunder storming.

With this mod, you can randomly be attacked or become a target for assassins, Merryweather, and muggers and many more in future updates. You will receive a hate message before being attacked. Every 5 to 10 minutes by default, an attack will occur so watch your back! Follow the mod to know when an update is released which will add much more variety!!!

- Initial Release

- Added "StartupEnabled" option in .ini, set to true so the mod starts up automatically.
- Added "CanTriggerManually" option in .ini, if set to true, you can use the "Trigger" key to manually trigger/start a random attack instead of waiting randomly.
- Added Madrazo's Henchmen attack. 4 henchmen in an SUV will chase you down until you die.

- Fixed "StartupEnabled".

- Added Racist Rednecks attack. 3 hillbillies in their own ATVs will chase you with sawn off shotguns.

- Added ZiPPO RAID attack with ZiPPO RAID text messages. ZiPPO RAID himself will be armed with a Combat MG and Micro SMG in a Duke O' Death.

- Fixed ZiPPO RAID attack not happening.
- Added new UI components (scaleforms) to make attacks look more Rockstar-ish and professional.

ZiPPO RAiD - Mod idea, helping testing, and giving me most of the threatening text messages for the mod.
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