Meth Operation 1.1

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This mod lets you own and operate meth labs around the state of San Andreas. Buy a meth lab, set it up, let your workers cook some top quality product and make some money!

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded to your GTA V folder/scripts/.

These are the values you can change to your liking.

- INTERACTION_CONTROL: The control ID to interact with labs, this setting is 51/INPUT_CONTEXT - E key by default. (Game Controls List)

- MISSION_TIME: Minutes you'll have to complete a setup/delivery mission, this setting is 15 by default.

- PRODUCTION_TIME: In-game hours a lab needs to produce 1 bin of meth, this setting is 6 by default. Note that the lab upgrades can shave up to 2 hours from the production time.

- POLICE_CHANCE: Chance of the cops coming after you when doing a sale mission, this setting is 15 by default. Note that buying the lab security upgrade will divide this value by 2, meaning if you set this setting 20% and buy the security upgrade, your lab will have 10% chance of cops coming after you.

- POLICE_STARS: Amount of stars you'll get when the police is after you during a sale mission, this setting is 2 by default.

- EQUIPMENT_UPGRADE: Price of the equipment upgrade. Default: 1100000

- STAFF_UPGRADE: Price of the staff upgrade. Default: 331500

- SECURITY_UPGRADE: Price of the security upgrade. Default: 513000

- PRODUCT_VALUE: Value of 1 bin of meth. Default: 8500

How Labs Work
Meth labs only update when you visit them, meaning staying AFK in one will do nothing. Production is tied to in-game hours and takes 6 in-game hours to produce 1 bin of meth. There are also upgrades you can buy for your labs to get better performance. Produced meth bins are also visible at the back of your lab. A lab can make up to 20 bins without becoming full.

You can buy these upgrades for your meth lab(s):

- Equipment Upgrade: Reduces production time by 1 hour.
- Staff Upgrade: Reduces production time by 1 hour.
- Security Upgrade: Reduces the chance of cops coming after you when doing a sale mission.

- This script was tested on game version 1604.1 with no other mods installed.

- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET (and its requirements)
- NativeUI

Version 1.1 - Little Details Update
- Added leaning animation, preview.
- Enabled ambient sound(s) for set up labs.
- The laptop inside labs will show "The Open Road" on its screen now, purely visual change but beats an empty black screen.

Source code is available on GitHub.
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