iMenu, a Hub of Apps.


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iMenu bring to game the possibility of join all the scripts in just one place.

With Subs and likes in Youtube You Help me :).
There's a few buttons under my user name, use them ;)


-Add Option to display Help Msg for items.
-Add Option to display Running App icon.
-Add and improved iTime App, an app to control time, Slow time mode called "Time-Slider".
-Minor Fixes.
-Other things i don't remember right now :P


-Add Some Features to iBat App.
-Add RT & LT to switch Pages on Foot / RB & LB On vehicle.
-Add a third button to the phone the, "Option" button set to "Jump Key"
-Other things i don't remember right now :P


-Minor Fix, iDriver show status bar in fullscreen.
-Add a better support for ScreenShots of the cars, now looks better.
ScreenShots now store by plate and vehicle name, to store multiple cars of the same model.

*Version 1.0.
*Init released.

-Put inside scripts folder

NetFrameWork 4.7 and Up.

-A new phone environment.
-Changeable Wallpapers.(Put Icon inside: KR_iMENU\Apps\iSettings\IMG ; Wallpaper: KR_iMENU\IMG\Wpp) [PNG files]
-Last Vehicle Tracker with custom icon and distance.
-iTeleport App, place a way-point and go.
-iDriver App, request your favorite cars.
-Clock,Signal, Battery.
-SecuroServ, Supervisor.
-Support for some INM Scripts(Cargo plane, Town Truck, SPA)

How to use:

Bring up the phone, go down until the last app (Web Browser/Internet App) and then go down again! :D

How to link your scripts:

-Add the reference iMenu.dll to your project.
-Create a New Imenu.iItem
Private TestApp as New Imenu.iItem("Name",".\Icon.png").

- Add the new iMenu.iItem to Imenu using: Imenu.AddiItem(TestApp)

-Execute the code:

If imenu.drawnow = true then
If TestApp.Selected = True then
'Code Here
End if
End if

-Add SubApp

Private TestSubApp as new iItem("SubApp",".\Icon.png")



Other functions will be explain in future or if you want give it a try :).
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