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I have only tested this mod out on a clean up to date install of GTA (Steam Version) - with no other mods installed - and can confirm that it’s working (see video). This mod may conflict with other mods or cause crashes on some builds. Make sure you have all dependencies installed and fully up to date. If you encounter crashes, try removing some of your other mods/scripts.

This mod will allow you to purchase the mod garage at Lombank West.

While not taking part in a theft/delivery mission - enter the garage with your car to clear your wanted level, repair & clean your vehicle and access the laptop. You can also use the main entrance on foot.

Accessing the laptop with a vehicle inside the garage will give you an option to sell your current vehicle. Selling your vehicle will require you to deliver it to the buyer. Damage and customization options will affect the value. Stay alert while on delivery missions as there's a high chance that people will try and damage or steal your car.

(I recommend using Benny's Original Motorworks mod by ImNotMentaL if you want to customize your vehicle -

Accessing the laptop while a vehicle isn't in your garage will give you the option to purchase or steal a vehicle. Stealing the vehicle will require you to either steal it from a driver as they're racing around, or steal it from a crew while it's parked somewhere. Purchasing will require you to go and pick it up and deliver it to the garage and fight off anyone that might try and steal it from you.

While you're delivering your new vehicle to the garage, the cost of repair will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen. The mechanic will charge you this when you arrive.

The value of your car will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen when you are delivering it to the buyer.

Check the daily challenges from the laptop, if you find any of these cars driving around, bring them in for a bonus (random cars picked daily).

Your mechanic will source you new cars, take photos of your current car and find new buyers for you.

After purchasing or stealing a vehicle and delivering it to the garage, you are free to either keep it for yourself and take it out for a drive, take it to a street race or sell it to a buyer. (This mod does not act as a garage where you save cars.)

Take your car to the LS car meet, walk around and check out other peoples cars, place bets and compete in underground races. Or you can take your car to a street race where you can compete against an opponent to a random point.

Every mission is completely random, random spawn locations, random drop off points, random cars, paint, modifications, horns random chances of different events happening which makes each job different.

This mod also uses ambient music, speech and dialogs from online.

NAudio - (included)
ScripthookV.NET - LATEST
Scripthook - LATEST
Enable All Interiors
MP Maps Enabled
Latest game updates & a legit copy installed.

After installing any dependencies, drag the contents of the scripts folder in to your games scripts folder. Head to the purple car icon on your map and purchase the business. Head inside to get started.

Version 2.0 contains bug fixes and added features.
Version 3.0 contains major bug fixes and improvements.
Version 3.1 contains bug fixes.
Version 3.2 contains the option to customize the garage floor.
Version 3.3 contains bug fixes.
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