Fuel Mod Reloaded, electric cars, fuel in all vehicle types, charge e-car at home, RPM based and more 2.1

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TO DO!!!!
Hybrid cars, charging battery of e-car when it's moving and throttle isn't pressed a,d lot of other things...
But modding requires time that's why i need support!


- ScriptHookV
- ScriptHookVDotNet

OTHER MODS (Optional)

- Engine Overheat Reloaded


This is a fuel mod that has features than other fuel mods.
- Fuel in all vehicle types (also planes, helis and boats),
- Electric cars has chargeable battery,
- RPM based consumption (more throttle pressing, more consumption),
- Fuel price differs form a vehicle type to another (planes and helis are more expensive than others),
- Refueling in gas stations,
- Fuel station blips are visible on the map only when the player is in vehicle,
- Player can't refuel if he has not enough money (can be disabled),
- Horn to refuel,
- Rehorn to stop refueling (if you want only a specefic amount of fuel),
- Refuel with jerrycan,
- Engine stops if you ran out of fuel,
- Small fuel level indicator,
- Fuel level linked also to fuel gauge on the dashboard,
- Fuel level indicator turns red if the fuel level is low,
- A lot of options in customization ini file,
- Up to 5 vehicles.

Features of electric cars:
- You can leave your e-car while recharging and come back when it is charged,
- Realistic charging time,
- Blue battery level indicator,
- Custom addon ecars (Taranis and Savanna already added in the script),
- You can charge multiple e-cars at the same time (max 5 driven vehicles),
- Station blips are showen if the player is in e-car,
- Charging in stations and at home,
- Free charging at home,
- You can sleep to skip a duration of recharging (franklin, michael and trevor sleep 8, 6, 12 hours respectively).

- Fuel bar position,
- Fuel bar size,
- Custom refuel key,
- Fast refuel key,
- Requires money or not,
- Link with dashboard or not,
- Enable/disable fuel,
- Enable/disable ecars,
- Enable/disable planes/helis/boats,
- Custom price of each vehicle type,
- Custom consumption factor of each vehicle type,
- Custom ecar charging time,
- 3 custom addon ecars,
- 10 custom fuel stations.


Uninstall the old version.
Put "FuelReloaded2.dll" and "FuelReloaded2.ini" in "scripts" folder.


- Fixed fuel/charge bar.

- Rewrote script,
- Fixed skip ecar charging,
- Added refueling with jerrycan,
- Added ini file for customization,
- Added custom ecar models (Taranis and Savanna added in script),
- Added custom fuel stations for fuel land vehicles,
- Added fix for character can't refuel,
- Added fuelbar position and width and height customisable,
- Added custom refuel key,
- Added fast refuel key,
- Added enable/disable fourwheel vehicles/planes/helis/boats/ecars
- Added custom fuel/electricity price,
- Added custom consumption factor,
- Added custom charging time,
- Added enable/disable link with dashboard for the low fuel weird effect fix.

- First release.


- Alexander Blade,
- Crosire.


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Development status: waiting for support to begin updating...
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