Bessie Macfarlane [Skin Control]


You need skin control to spawn this ped, get skin control here:

A descendant of a long line of ranchers, Bessie Macfarlane is a rumored associate of Trevor Phillips and long time nuisance to Blaine County law enforcement.
This backwoods babe isn't afraid to get muddy or bloody and she looks good doing it. Years of tending cattle, hunting and other outdoor activities have kept her physically fit but left her pale skin sun damaged with many freckles and sun spots, and her cheeks are always rosey red from constant consumption of alcohol. She's not the kind of gal who likes to wear makeup and it looks like most of her clothes come from Ammunation.
When she's not starting a bar fight or dodging the County Sherriff she can be found wandering the countryside in her blue Declasse Rancher looking for animals to skin and eat.

Bessie comes with 4 preset outfits to choose from. Outfit one is a grey shirt and camo pants, outfit two is a red cowgirl shirt and jeans, outfit 3 is a red plaid shirt and jeans and outfit 4 is the camo bikini.

To install, copy the provided skin control file into your GTAV folder after you've installed skin control. If you already have skin control with presets saved then copy and add the lines from this one in with yours.

Get the lifted 2 door rancher from bob here:
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