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I don't know how many of you changed this file, but since the release of this game for PC, I changed it wright away. From the beginning, there were things that irritated me. I never had a good look of any animal because they run away immediately. Whenever I get close to someone to better look at him or her, riot starts. Cats and dogs live in perfect harmony. Wherever i walk near any gang, they attack me wright away.

In my GTA world every living creature respect me and love me. No one attacks me and gangs are fighting only with each other and other gangs. Cats hate dogs and vice versa which is perfectly normal. Even Cougars and sharks don't attack me but attack all others. Cops love me and leave me alone so does dogs.

This change is very handy if you like roaming the city on foot or by car, watching the nature and animals or hunting. Dears won't run from you. You can run near any group of pedestrians or fight, even pull gun and no one will run from you because they know you won't harm them, but they are completely wrong.

You can edit relationships.dat, change whatever you want. Someone I know, changed relationships with men and women to hate each other and they are constantly fighting on the streets (I use mods for that). In his game, cops, fireman and paramedics hate each other and you could see their
fights on the streets all the time.

My intention was to share this with all but mostly some inexperienced users to enjoy more in this game as I enjoy. This is virtual world, our playground, and anyone can adapt this world to suit him or her. Some similar mods were made, but I think that they ruined the core of this game. We are masters of our world and we will make it by our standards. This is my fairy tale with my toys and I want to play on my terms. That's just my opinion.

Replace relationships.dat and pedcomponentsets.meta in Common.rpf/data/. Relationships.dat is easy editable text file, open it in text editor and play a little with it. It's a lot of fun. Backup included!
Added pedcomponentsets.meta, which disables all shocking events for pedestrians except explosions. Meaning, that nobody reacts to your pulling gun, parking car near them, using horn or fighting with someone. If you don't like the second part, don't replace pedcomponentsets.meta. Backup included!!!
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