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Maybe this is what you've seen the most fresh, clean ENB, unlike oil painting color, smooth bright body reflection, no dazzling effect, everything is just the pursuit of simple and clean. Of course, this is just my favorite color, but I do not know if you like, this is the first time I uploaded to this foreign website, because I am a chinese. In fact, this tone is more suitable for girls, because enough fresh enough gorgeous, PS: a joke, because I was a girl.

You need to download and install the reshade eNB framework 1.1.0, enb0.275 source file, preferably combined with robi29, visualv _cp_, and then cover my compressed package configuration file, you can enjoy the game! I don't know if it's going to be an updated version, if you have valuable comments, please leave a message in the comments section.
Upgrade 1.24:
Optimize the environment and car body reflection, and other minor updates
Upgrade 1.23:
Optimize the performance, depending on the configuration, probably lose 3 to 6 frames, adjust the overall saturation, more true and accurate body reflection. Default to close SMAA, FXAA, because these two open will cause a little distortion and blurred edges, the default to open advanced sharpening settings, the screen fineness improved substantially.
Upgrade 1.22:
Modify the value of the error, it is recommended to use the ENB compressed TC files, the effect will be better. The new version can overwrite the previous version directly.
Upgrade 1.21
Adjust the light intensity and sharpen the value, the saw tooth will be less. Slight adjustment of the overall color saturation, I always try to make the picture close to the true colors, but everyone's aesthetic is different, but I think it has been able to meet the majority of people.
Upgrade 1.20
1: adjust the overall saturation and overweight value, I tried hard to make the picture close to the natural color, perhaps is not enough...
2: add a new weather system (can choose to install, if you still use visualv, _cp robi29, can be ignored)
3: better body reflection and details... More subtle updates you can find in the game.
Upgrade 1.10
1: adjust the street at night to expose the problem, even so, the night will still be very bright, can refer to the screenshot, because I do not like the dark night, I would like to be in the night street lights should be.
2: adjust the overall color saturation, the picture is more close to the natural color.
3: adjust the body reflection and other minor adjustments, please see the effect of multiple correction screenshot.
Forgot to tell you, in addition to mod, in this game I used to have: Roads L.A. 2.7 Carona, Begone v1.3! HQ, B-Rims Pack Patch 3. These MOD are available at this site can be downloaded, I do not provide a link to the sorry.
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