Fine-Tuned Felony & Response [+ OIV] 2.4

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The Stealth: Updated, fixed, and enhanced CPRE.

FTFR: The Stealth + a compilation of other realism focused mods (see section 5. of this description).

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!!!! REMEMBER !!!!

Being stealthy is careful planning. USING A SILENCER DOESN'T GRANT YOU INVISIBILITY. Not seeing a witness doesn't make the stealth in this mod broken.

Also, a silenced shot is different from the stealth kill (melee from behind in stealth mode), bullets flight and impact can be noticed by peds at short range, this can't be changed without game breaking bugs.

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FINE-TUNED FELONY & RESPONSE IS A DIRECT CONTINUATION OF CPRE, with revised, fixed, and added features. I genuinely don't think there's a more complete stealth mod out there, well, that's why I created it back then.


1. Quick About
2. Disclaimer
3. Incompatibilities & Known Issues
4. Installation
5. Full Description (mod used)
6. Features
7. Changelog

1. === QUICK ABOUT ===

Multiple mods compiled and reworked into one archive.

Ultimate stealth, challenging but fair cops, unmarked detectives, FIB, and army spawn when wanted, GTA IV/RDR euphoria ragdoll with fine-tuned responsiveness, addictive fist fighting and brawling, refined weapons and gunplay.

FTFR v2.4 was last tested on GTA V v1180.2, combined with World of Variety v2.0.2. I consider FTFR v2.4 to be a stable release.

2. === DISCLAIMER ===

The FIB now spawn at 4 and 5 stars, but their behavior relies on peds.ymt (update.rpf\x64\data). This file changes FIB peds from civilian to cops. So they don't run away in a fight and spawn properly in vehicles.
By default, a stable modded WOV 2.0.2 ped.ymt is provided. Though 4 other versions are avalaible for the sake of compatibility.

To enjoy FTFR as you should, install World of Variety first and then install FTFR on top of that.

Baka's Sounds required (I don't use it, no problem).

If you have any problem, carefully and patiently explain the conditions in which the problem occurred. You might just have other files on your install, incompatible with FTFR.


FTFR might be incompatible with scripts modifying AI/cop behavior.

Problems spawning cops properly, amongst other bugs.

- KeepCalm:
Potentially incompatible.

- Arrest and Warrant:
Reported compatible by some, and incompatible by others.

- World of Variety:
Some versions of ped.ymt might cause crashes, my version is a modded WOV 2.0.2 version (more options available).
Some versions of popcycle.dat have been reported to cause crashes around Downtown. (Reported by 1 user, I don't have that bug.)


You'll need Script Hook V, an ASI loader (provided with Script Hook V), and OpenIV.asi (provided with OpenIV).

(It is highly recommended to have backups just in case. The strict minimum being a backup of update.rpf.)


- I highly recommend installing World of Variety first
- Open update.rpf with OpenIV
- Drag and drop the mod content into its respective game archives

Full file locations inside the FTFR mod folder.


- I highly recommend to installing World of Variety first
- Go into OpenIV
- Tools > Package Installer
- Install the FTFR .oiv provided


5. === DESCRIPTION ===

Here's a full list of the mods originally used to compile the files:

- Crime & Police Rebalance and Enhancement by BobJaneTMart

- Euphoria Ragdoll Overall by MiGGoust

- Realism Dispatch Enhanced by Dilapitated and mkeezay30 (Without the added models. I only provided the .meta/.ymt files from RDE. And I chopped off many of the features since they were either buggy or completely useless.)

- Parts of Ripplers Realism by Rippler

- Streets of Rage Brawling by RS Beats

- Parts of Bystanders Are Ignorant Pieces of Shit by ZiPPO RAID

I also added the Wallet mod by Drkz, it changes cash piles into wallets.

6. === FEATURES ===

Stealth is a fully functional and fair feature
- Silenced and melee weapons act as such, no surprises no bullshit
- Only witnessed and reported crimes grant a wanted level
- Identification range decreased, when hidden in unidentified vehicles, cops need to be close to identify you (à la Watch Dogs)
- When no cops can see you, you become hidden more quickly, letting cops investigate your last known position
- Cops despawn at very high distance, they'll look as if they're still searching your last known position

GTA IV Euphoria physics are here
- more human and realistic body and ragdoll behavior
- peds react to the points of impact, sometimes putting their hands where they are shot
- peds can hold on to car doors and moving vehicles just like in GTA IV
- peds lose their balance more realistically

Cop and enemy AI refined for a smarter and more challenging approach
- Better flanking, climbing and overall investigating from cops
- Specific behavior for the different branch of the police/military forces
- Same for gangs, they will be more reckless than trained officers
- AI view cones are extended to emulate real life sighting
- Longer and custom timers for each wanted levels
- Wanted level spawns diversified, female cops, unmarked cars with detectives, FIB, and army

Realistic fighting and brawling
- Fights last longer, you will encounter skilled peds, aswell as people who can't fight
- Health and damages have been revised for all peds, a drunk bum will have less capability than a jacked biker for example
- Use your talk button to provoke people and generate fights

The whole world feels more realistic
- People aren't focused on your every move, you feel like a citizen among citizens
- Cops won't necessarily be called for a fist fight in the hood for example
- People carry on with their lives for tiny events that don't matter to them

7. === CHANGELOG ===

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v2.4 - Ça passe ou ça Cass Update

- Fixed an issue where cops would stop spawning during wanted level 3
- Fixed the flashing red health bar (regen still is 25%, going back to default would mean losing the lasting fist fighting)
- Updated weapons.meta to 1180.2 vanilla, every weapon should work properly now
- Modified weapons.meta to match most of FTFRs and some of Ripplers values
*No bullet tracers, increased range, lowered reticule scale, less time between shots, lowered bullet speed
- Updated peds.ymt to WOV 2.0.2 compatible
- Removed Ripplers from the full archive, put it in a separate OIV (weapons.meta has only half of Ripplers features now)
- Reduced known position timer when seen and reported
- Slighlty increased on foot cops vision cone
- Reduced cop count for wanted level 3, 4, and 5 (lvl5 is still hell)
- Increased heli spawn rate (vanilla = 30, old FTFR = 200, new FTFR = 150)

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v2.3a

- Toned down accuracy for deafault peds, cops and sheriffs
- Added FIBsec to FIB spawns at 4/5 stars (dudes with FIB vests)
- Created custom combat behavior/accuracy for detectives and FIB (replacing GRUNT & CAPTAIN CombatInfo; wasn't used?)
- Changed stungun damage so it insta kills (anim/ragdoll unchanged)
- Reduced even more stun gun sound range
- Rebalanced spawn count at 3, 4, and 5 stars

I wanted to do an RDE compatible version before releasing but I got other shit to do right now, and since this is better than 2.3, there you go.

Fine-Tuned Felony & Response - v2.3 - Ghostbusters Update

- Greatly increased cop despawn distance to better emulate hidden evasions and cop investigation
- Cleaned and fixed dispatch.meta
*Fixed the empty vehicle spawns at 4 and 5 stars (removed riot/army trucks, they aren't handled properly)
*Replaced boat spawns with vanilla ones to prevent crashes in some instances
*Balanced and diversified spawns at 4 and 5 stars, it's really neat I love it
*Added proper unmarked car spawns with detectives at 4 and 5 stars
*Fixed FIB spawns at 4 and 5 stars (new peds.ymt file makes FIB spawns handled as cop spawns, no more empty vehicles)
- Thus, included new peds.ymt file (update.rpf\x64\data) changing FIB ped values from civilian to cop
*Provided a WOV compatible peds.ymt by default (seems stable with and without WOV installed, more versions of the file available)


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First Development: February 2016
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