Dispatch.meta - Cop Cars, Helicopters & Gang Car Variations 1.3

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**v1.3 changes
wanted level 3 radius increased by 8
wanted level 4 radius increased by 30
wanted level 5 radius increased by 199

makes the cops search for you more as they have a longer distance to search for you now. you change
the radius distances starting at line 127. wanted level 4 i think is 500 for default values and
wanted level 5 is 700 or 750 for default values.

added a different marine ped to crusader on army base. so now theres 2 variations instead of 1.
fbi2 vehicle at army base has a new marine ped added.
insurgent and annihilator have 1 more variation of ped added to the vehicle and helio.
valkyrie helio has 1 more ped variation added to it.
added female sheriff variation to spawn alongside male sheriff with the sheriff vehicles.
added female sheriff variation to spawn alongside male sheriff on road blocks

the biggest change is the popgroups file. I cleaned up all the coding also deleted about 10-12 cars
that i thought were either rust buckets or didnt feel like seeing spawn around town. Added 3 more cars
to spawn into traffic and added 1 bike that was left out. Now even more cars spawn around town by cleaning up the code.

Also included a visualsettings.dat file which makes your daytime lights, brake lights, reverse lights all brighter during daytime. More info and a more detailed explanation of changes inside readme file.

***v1.2 changes
frogger2 aka fbi helio has been replaced with the Army Valkyrie helio that has guns mounted on it for the army base.
also the Savage Army helio with missiles and gun on it now spawns at army base. I believe at wanted level 4 or 5.

Added fbi2 vehicle to roadblocks for army base.

you will notice inside each folder there is a v2 folder
the only changes i did alongside the v1.2 update was changing the cop or swat ped models to
the BlackOps_01 ped model this is only for inside the army base so that its all army models and not a mix of cops and army.

***v1.1 changes
I added fbi2, insurgent, annihilator helio and frogger2 fbi helio to army bases

Added police4 to some more areas and fixed police 3 in one area
Added patriot aka hummer to gang cars
Added fbi to roadblocks

Increased gang and army ped size from 6 to 8
added 1-2 more cops at certain scenarios at wanted level 4
added 1-2 more copats at wanted level 5 in various scenarios

This mod adds more variations of cops in various locations. Annihilator helio added to wanted levels 4 and 5. Fbi2 car is now the spike strip vehicle instead of the policet which is a police van.

This is for game version 1.0877 bikers dlc update

the following changes have been made:

FireTrucks respond between 4 to 9 secs faster
Ambulances respond between 8 to 15 secs faster
Cops left respond time the same

police 2 added to countryside aka Blaine County
roadblocks have 3 cops instead of 2 at wanted level 3
roadblocks have 5 cops instead of 4 at wanted level 4
roadblocks have 6 cops at wanted level 5
Biker Backup peds increased to 5 instead of 4

police helicopter annihilator is added to countryside and army base at wanted level 4-5

wanted level 4 radius increased from 510 to 560
wanted level 5 radius increased from 850 to 900

gangs now have the following new cars:
manana is an old cadillac
gburrito2 is the chevy van

Install locations
mods\update\update.rpf\common\data (the dispatch.meta file size is 18.8kb for this location)
mods\common.rpf\data (the dispatch.meta file size is 18.1kb for this location)

then popgroups.ymt goes to mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5
if you have a modded popgroups.ymt already then i left the lines needed to modify inside the readme file as the coding doesnt show up correctly on here.
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