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I'm new at modding GTA 5, so I begin with basic mods.
This ENB preset is make your game more clean and more reflective. So it can gets the realism. And now with ReShade presets & Edited VisualV Timecyc !
And big thanks to _CP_ (VisualV) team for letting me to edit his mod and upload it as part of my mod.
This ReShade & ENB combo purposely for taking screenshots of your vehicles (like reviewing a vehicles) So the ENB work for best reflection and time settings. And the ReShade it's for realism of the environments. Remember to see my flickr link below because 100% I can't put all my hundreds of screenshots right into this website.

If you have any kind off critics, comment down below or simply e-mail me.


You can check my flickr for more screenshots here (and HD. Of course) :
Main Album :

Scenery / Environment only :



VisualV (latest) :

Corona Begone :

Better Puddles :

L.A Roads :

L.A.Roads Patch :

L.A Vegetation :

Enhanced Ambient Occulsion :


Credit to all this awesome modders :
_CP_ & robi29 (VisualV), Boris Vorontsof (ENB Series), Crosire (ReShade & SweetFX), and Adi Luthfi
Big Thanks to _CP_ for give me a permission to edit his mod and put it as part of my mod update.
Without their awesome works, I'm nothing


- Fixed some shaders

- Reworked Clarity
- Reworked Tonemap
- Reworked ENB Settings
- Removed DPX
- Added Vignette
- Bug fixed (Light Leak at 6:00 AM)

- Retouch ENB Settings

- Edited VisualV updated to v1.0.330 (For new update capabilities)

- Removed Vignette
- Added Edited VisualV v1.0.320 Timecycle & visualsettings.dat
- Reworked DPX effect
- Increased Exposure and Gamma
- Decreased Contrast factor

- Rework ReShade settings
- Retouch Tonemapping
- Added slightly magenta tint for color replish

- Minor fixes

- Removed Ambient Light
- DPX strength increased

- HOPEFULLY this update fix all the anoying crashes and freezes.
- Tutorial on README files now updated with powersteering workaround
- Updated to ReShade 3.0.7

- MAYBE & HOPEFULLY this update fixed that people who got freeze or crashes

- Removed Adaptive Sharpen
- Added LumaSharpen
- Now using VisualV 1.0.250
- Added Ambient Light (for the sake of balance contrast between black and white factor)
- Reduced reflection factors on ENB
- Added DPX for the colorfullness
- Clarity amount is now reduced
- Removed Bloom
- Added Vignette

- Fixed files, now it should working both ReShade with ENB

- Added custom ReShade using ReShade version 3.0.6
- More Reflection (but not over done).
- Anti-Aliasing on Reflection fixed
- More bloom on Sun because of the ReShade(noticeable on 18:00 o'clock in Extra Sunny Weather)

- Improved saturation on cloud when dusk, dawn, morning, and night
- Improved cloud intensity when dusk, dawn, morning, and night
- Now sun on morning have more glare and more orange

- Improved reflection intensity
- Improved metallic effects
- Improved AA on reflection

- Initial release


None :)
Let me know if there's some

Big Thanks to powersteering & Willief23 to solve the Crashed and Freezes issue.
Big Thanks to _CP_ for letting me edit his work and put as part of my mod update.
If anybody can help me, I will give you a credit :)
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