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Welcome to Wayne manor, now I'm making sort off a batman series with rockstar editor so I needed Wayne manor for it so I made it and thought why not share it since, in my opinion, it looks good but be warned that's not all soon I will add a marker that will teleport you into a house while you step on Wayne manors door so it will be like you getting inside, also a secret location for the Batcave which will use this best Batcave on this site which is that-

and also a version for those who have the madbraker one that's on is patreon
that will most likely come tomorrow(now I know I say that a lot and then its not happing, and I'm sorry about that but since I need it fast for myself as well most of the chances it will be released tomorrow )
for the props you have how to in the files for the menyoo come on you should know-how paste it to menyoo stuff Spooner essay as that.
and another thing:
enjoy, and thanks for all the download so far and I'm hoping that maybe one day I can make a bigger mod for all of you guys.
what you will need:
addon props- menyoo-script hook v-and the rest in the files

I'm very proud of how it came out I spend all night on it hope you guys will like it too and don't listen to the picture, it is showing the madbraker cave on patreon but, it won't spawn for this version you need to ask me on private to send it to you since there is a problem where half of the map load with it, so I can't publish it also you can ask me on private for a fix version of the cave that I made, since it didn't come out like the video he showed, so I made it look like it with extra things so ill send you that as well but you have to prove me you have the file before I send it so don't try to scam me.
what's new:
now there are markers, that allows you to teleport into a few different locations in the house(depends which marker you step on all marker have names where it will take you) also a marker to the Batcave, which you will see at the fridge
all you gotta do is type there Martha, (lol not really just step on it) there are 5 rooms in Wayne manor that you can go into 6 with the Batcave.
so you won't get confused the free version of the Batcave is the one that will spawn and not the madbraker one, but if you want the madbraker one you need to talk to me in private so I will send it to you and before you do read the description so you will know, what you have to do.

and the last thing:
thank you enjoy :)

3.0- updated with themadbraker map that he published for free on this site, I'm sorry for people who bought it because of this mod I've made I'm sorry that you had to waste money, I've only been told that he wanted my help with the map after I published so my apologies to everyone but there's a link and enjoy the new update.

whats new- just added markers to enter the cave, to the new Batcave, link above.
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