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    @Pursuit I have the same issue with the new version, says I need to install .net (though the previous version still works just fine)

    25 juillet 2021
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    @Cyron43 Brilliant mod, always one of my must-haves! I've only had one issue, that being that the helicopter auto-landing isn't engaging for preset helipads; upon hitting L, the helicopter just hovers over the pad. Not sure what's up with that, maybe it's falsely detecting an obstacle? (since the guide notes that the autopilot does that if the landing zone is not safe)

    Aside from that though, fantastic mod, works beautifully. 5 stars.

    21 janvier 2021
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    Mod works absolutely perfect with ground vehicles, even if the game crashes. But helicopters don't seem to work; the icon shows for helicopters, and the file is in the scripts folder, but no vehicle.

    26 mai 2019