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    @lucasvinbr Yes, thank you! That is exactly what I wanted! Now the mod is even better for me, if it was possible I'd rate it 5 stars again. Keep up the great work! 😎

    15 juillet 2021
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    Thanks for the awesome mod! I've actually had more fun playing around with it than doing the actual GTA 5 side content! I do have a question regarding having custom addon peds as gang members, though. I'm trying to add this ped as a member of my gang:

    When I add her in normal save mode, it saves the exact outfit and only randomizes the hair color and accessories, and when I add her in extended save mode, it saves her exact appearance, including outfit, hair color, and accessories. I would like the mod to randomize the entire appearance including outfit and accessories whenever a new gang member of this type is spawned. Is there a way to do that, maybe editing something on GangData.xml? Thanks for any help you can give!

    14 juillet 2021