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    hey i have a problem with my menyoo mod, after i was gta 5 and the mod menu works perfect, i close it and re-open it it doesnt work, for it to work i have to delete both the menyoo logs and add manyoo.asi back into the gta 5 file as the menyoo.asi file keeps deleting itself after i close the game, please help!

    27 janvier 2018
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    when i was using this offline with my toyota supra mod it was replacing the handling files and when disabled the supra was still drifting and have a massive power boost

    26 octobre 2017
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    After installing openiv it doesn't create a desktop icon to use and make me repeat the entire proccess

    7 octobre 2017
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    Hey im having difficulties with installing this addon please message me if you can help or refer me to a video thank you

    30 septembre 2017