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This is my first script, I am open to any suggestions and or criticisms
Be sure to download the new custom model: Custom Model
New addon ped, made by nsh3t: Addon Ped Model

A Yaka arrow is a fictional Marvel weapon used by Yandu Udonta. If you've watched any of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, you'd know he has an arrow that he controls by whistling. In the movies, it leaves behind a red trail, however in the comics it leaves behind a white trail.
Instead of an arrow, my script uses a "spear" of sorts. It also uses the comic book white trail, because I thought it looked better.

- Custom audio sounds
- 3 different power modes
- Sheathing / Unsheathing
- Small slow-mo effect
- New custom model! Made by nsh3t
- New addon ped! Made by nsh3t
- Cowboy fin (toggleable)
- Controller support
- Script menu

Powers have new textures! They are an arrow followed by the power icon.
Skull icon - Kill
Arrow pointing down on a car icon - Crush
Fire icon - Fire
Explosion icon - Explode

All of these are customazible in the .ini.
F7 - Activate script menu
X - recall the spear and sheathe it. Be sure to hold it for better accuracy.
Right click - send out the spear. Be sure to hold it for better accuracy.
Q & E- Cycle through powers
CTRL - slow down time
Z - try spamming this button if your spear gets stuck behind a wall, then press X to recall it.

Left D-Pad + A - Activate script menu
Right Bumper - recall the spear and sheathe it
Left trigger - send out the spear.
Right & Left D-Pad - Cycle through powers
Left Stick- slow down time
D-Pad Up - try spamming this button if your spear gets stuck behind a wall, then press X to recall it.

Script Menu
(Be sure to verify any .dmods files are installed along with the script)
F7 - Open menu / Close
Enter - Select item
Arrow Keys Up & Down - Scroll through menu
Backspace - Return / Close menu
NumPad 0 - Close menu

Left D-Pad + A - Activate menu
A - Select item
Up or Down D-Pad - Scroll through menu
B - Return/ Close menu

You WILL need ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet. All other files needed are provided in the download.

Drag all contents in the "Whistle Spear" folder into your scripts folder.
It comes with a readme for further instruction and notes.

NAudio - Mark Heathe
ScriptHookV - Alexander Blade
ScriptHookVDotNet - crosire
The endless amount of google searching and the good folks over on the 5 Mods discord, thank you all for your help!

Change log
1.4.6 - Updated script menu

1.4.5 - Fixed an issue with script menu not activating the script.

1.4 - Added a new script menu!
Fixed some more bugs
Added a distance setting in .ini to tweak the spears range
Added a super jump + super run in the .ini to toggle them on or off

1.3 - Fixed an issue with the controller support
Miscellaneous tweaks
Forgot to add fin toggle in .ini in 1,2, added now, defaulted to true.

1.2 - Added Controller Support
Changed powers textures
Added cowboy hat as fin (toggleable in .ini)
Changed power cycling method
Increased spear range for vehicles
Added faster run + super jump
Added more health to player

1.1 (Hotfix) - Fixed "crush mode" not killing peds

1.0 - Initial Release
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